Manor Lords

Manor Lords looks pretty cool, im looking forward to this soon, what does everyone else think?
Any other games people waiting for?
  • Looks quite interesting! A mix of city building with total war games.
    I'll keep an eye on it when it's released

  • I'm waiting for Combat Pilot, an upcoming WW 2 combat flight sim. The first time they tried to make that kind of game with Unreal Engine, so interested to see if it works out.

  • Seems like a pretty interesting game, I think it's worth checking out.

  • Oooo Ill have to check that out :)

  • Wow the game is really elaborated, all I like the amount of stuff and customisation of the villages and the war mechanics.

    Is also really promising the amount of npcs on the battlefieldGrin

  • It does looks pretty good :)

  • Really hope we get modding for it too

  • From what I have seen so far it looks like a fun game. Bowmen are a bit overpowered, but the building system looks fine.  

  • It looks very good, but I don't know yet, whether it will be interesting to play for a long time.

  • I've had it wishlisted for quite a while. It looks kind of like a mix between an updated version of Stronghold with the graphics and setting of Mount and Blade. Hope they deliver on both the city building and tactical combat aspect, but I'm curious at how the two will overlap. Most of the screenshots right now show little medieval villages - not really the type of places that could support Total War-size armies. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but yeah, definitely excited.