Do you prefer to take your time, discover everything there is and do all or most of the side quests or do you prefer to run through it to finish/solve the game as quickly as possible?

Finishing a computer game quickly can offer a sense of accomplishment and efficiency, allowing you to explore other games in your library, on the other side taking your time in a computer game allows for a deeper immersion in the game world, enabling you to savor the intricate details of the storyline, characters, and environment.

  • I'm a side quest and loot goblin so I'll try and find everything in a game rather than stick the to the main plot. Also the extra lore and easter eggs hidden in games are worth the extra time poking around

  • I'm a completest, meaning I want all the content and all the fun. If you just run through it fast it is like a speed run and that always has been a bit boring to me.  

  • I like to take my time to discover and unlock everything I can before continuing the main story.

    I truly enjoy open world games and explore the map or characters.

    On some games like Red Redemption and GTA even simple things became awesome Grin

  • If game allows it, ill explore, finish side quests, grind stuff and continue prepared for main story quests. I usually play games on hardest mode, so such approach helps.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 straight up warns you when you reach a point of no return to go back and finish the side quests you haven't done yet if you want to which I believe is a really cool feature

  • If I really enjoy a game I try to get the most out of it. But I'll only chase all the intricacies if they're entertaining to do so.

    Played a few games where I just didnt feel anything after the first play through... I'll just move on.

  • I always like to explore and do as many side quest as possible. I really like to get fully immersed in the world and get the most out of a game.

  • If the side quests are any good, then I prefer to do them.

  • It depends on the game. If I enjoying game then i do 100%. 

  • I definately prefer to try and collect / complete everything in a game. Some of the side quests can be amazing. However the game does need to have that wow factor if I want to try and fully 100% it.