Do you prefer to take your time, discover everything there is and do all or most of the side quests or do you prefer to run through it to finish/solve the game as quickly as possible?

Finishing a computer game quickly can offer a sense of accomplishment and efficiency, allowing you to explore other games in your library, on the other side taking your time in a computer game allows for a deeper immersion in the game world, enabling you to savor the intricate details of the storyline, characters, and environment.

  • Years before I had to find everything of the open world games, complete all secondary quest, If some time I fail, reload and old save to do it well, if some quest have different effects or rewards depending on the decisions, try to choose the best one saving/reloading if necessary... that happened me on Fallout 4,Gothic/Risen/Elex series... but was so harming for my mental health in some way, so after "cold thinking" about it, I've decide not to spend more than a necessary time and relativize the moral decisions and go ahead... Maybe in a short main history game I would spend more time completing everything, but on a long one not.

  • i like getting sidetracked.. although that sometimes leads to me getting lost and then putting the game aside 

  • Frustratingly for myself, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to games, and I hate leaving any stone left unturned. I do enjoy exploring in games, and non-randomly generated side quests are fantastic, but a lot of games don't put too much thought into side quests or make them infinitely repeatable with pointless, narrative-less tasks, and when I get stuck in a game like that, I really dislike my obsession with completing all side questions and discoveries/unlocks, because sometimes it's not even worth it.

  • I complete as many quests as I can. I do this more with games I like.

  • I feel the same, that's frustrating, like sometimes seems that maybe you can forget something unique. Nowadays I review the comments about a game and if I read that it not worth effort to complete secondary missions I feel like im winning if I only do the main mission, don't loosing time, focusing efficiently.

  • Exploring in games is fun. Finishing quests is a bonus.

  • I prefer to take my time 

  • I tend to take my time in many open world games, often leaving the main missions for later while exploring the world and doing side quests. I especially do this if the side missions add to the narrative and world building - Horizon Zero Dawn is an excellent example of this, where I would soak in as much as possible about the world through side quests while I was roughly halfway through the main story line.

    Simple item collection tasks (as in, there are 50 of item X scattered across the map, find them all) are rather boring and tedious in most cases, if I come across these through natural exploration I'll take them, but I won't explicitly look for them.