Hey All!

I'm new here. So lmk about what PC gamer conventions there are. IK stuff like enabling rgbs to flex ur setup, and some do's or dont's that "ruin the culture"!

So, give a few of them below.

BTW, I'm on low-end pc. So I know lots of windows tweaks rn but any more OBSCURE or very deep configurations that I can do?


  • RGB flex is nice for show, however it does consume CPU cycles depending on the animation of the lights and the software that controls it

    There are no real conventions as such, with regards things that ruin the culture as you put it, just be respectful to fellow gamers and they will treat you the same in return. Always be humble and treat people the way you want to be treated yourself.

    More obscure and deep would be running Linux instead of Windows and while that may sound counter-productive, you could potentially extract more performance from your low-end PC. It does depend a lot though it you play any multiplayer online games with cheat detection because they will not work on that OS for the most part.

  • Learning how to optimise your hardware can be a fun learning curve that can gain a bit more performance and a smoother experience.

    Tis a little different between CPUs and GPU, with makes offering different tuning suites too. Still, its definitely worth it.

  • Hi Triple, unfortunately I don't know too much on the matter of Obscure Arts yet haha, all I can recommend you is to delete every 2 weeks the following cache folders:




  • Ooo running CMD as admin, sfc /scannow.

    Doing this every now and then, it checks up on the OS files for corruption and fixes any issues found. Its always handy to be sure all is well, a corrupt OS can be a massive headache.

  • Just do what you prefer yourself. There is really no rules you have to obey unless you want the admiration of others.

  • Do whatever you like....as long as there aren't any RGB involved. ;)

  • I'm also on a low-end pc, so I know how it is. I don't know if yours is old or just a budget pc, but mine is the former, and two things I did really helped.

    The first one wasn't a tweak or anything. I just physically opened up and cleaned my machine of dust. The fans were absolutely caked so I know it made a difference.

    Second, I had overloaded my drives with stuff. I figured having them 80% full wouldn't really hurt anything, but when I cleaned them to around 60%, the difference was noticeable. If you're gaming, only install what you regularly play and leave a decent amount of space on the internal HD.

    Hope those help!

  • Hi, I update often and clean out old files I don't need.