In 2020, more people are trying PC gaming than ever before.

For first-time PC buyers, learning everything you need to know to start PC gaming can be overwhelming. 

What are your tips for those who want to start playing on PC, but don't know where to start?

Any valuable resources/links that helped you learn when starting out on PC?

  • Hello. I consider buying lenovo Legion 7 but still thinking about the price. Or. Should I go with Legion 5?

  • Hello!

    Biggest thing that will help decide is the type of games you want to play!

    Legion 5 is capable of playing all games but the Legion 7 goes all the way up to the top 2080 Super V high end specs, further improved cooling etc. 

    What are you looking to play on it?

  • Well, because the lack of GPUs, it's probably better to buy pre-built PCs, maybe from Origin, Alienware, Corsair.

    Or, if you're not in a rush, probably wait until this GPU shortage is over, to get a decent GPU for fair price.

    Good luck with your first PC...

  • Of course, as dgray mentioned above, we've got some fantastic Legion Laptops - especially with the 2021 series of 5s and 7s on their way soon!

  • Hey Daniel any update on the legion 7 UK release. I need a laptop really quick for work and the legion 7 seems a great fit for me but I can't see any information anywhere about a realease date in the UK. 

  • Hey Brian!

    Good news, they're actually live now. Stock is trickling into various retailers at the moment, and it's just a case of hunting them down before they fly off the shelves., actually have some available right now - but you'll have to be quick!

    Others (including our own should be getting more soon.


  • Great, will keep an eye out for the 3080 version and thanks for the very quick reply.

  • You are most welcome Brian - happy hunting!

  • Hello,

          I'm new in here, I live in UK and I'm considering buying the new legion 7 gen 6 3080, but nobody knows when it will be restocked. I'm with the money ready to buy a new gaming laptop, there's some another brands option at this moment in UK with the 3080 gpu, but depending on when lenovo will restock here I'm going to find another brand that has a laptop in stock. So, do you know when it will be available in the UK store? A lot of rumours around the Internet, lenovo don't know as well (which I doubt, I think they don't want to tell that there's a component shortage and they're not able to restock), some people say end of July, another's September, I've heard even 2022... I think that's of course somebody know what's going on behind the scenes, and don't provide a date for the customer instead of keep the customer lenovo is taking the customers away with the lack of information... I'm planning to wait until the end of July, I'm not in a hurry, as the most of the companies have already started the restock, at least here in UK... Do you have a date to provide? Even a guess? I'm interested in the rtx 3080 model (82N6000SUK)..

    Thanks in advance 

  • Hi Luiz,

    Unfortunately, I can never make any concrete promises with relation to stock levels - we've always got the possibility of delays, etc to consider. However, from what I've heard from Lenovo HQ, the Legion 7 Gen 6 3080s should be coming in soon... within the month! What I can say is that you should keep your eye on and Amazon UK from the middle of July onwards.

    Again, unfortunately, this isn't any sort of binding promise, but do keep checking those sites!

    Apologies I can't be more specific.

    Kind regards,