Which game you playing these days?

Hi everyone,
I wondering what are you all currently playing and how is going so far?
You can write about here below this post, have a nice day and games Video game

  • Can't get enough of Overwatch 2 right now, personally!

    I know it had its critics for the monetisation and lack of progression, but it's just a huge amount of fun to pick up and play for me!

  • Hi!!

    Such as games I can recommend you an interactive video game whose name is “Life is strange” . They recommend it to me: it is a very interesting and emotional story, in which you have to make many choices! Very soon, I”ll start playing with it. If not, there is the incredible world of “Minecraft”!  
    I hope I was helpful. 

  • Hi ^^

    I'm currently just playing Minecraft Bedrock due to hardware limitations. I love the endless possibilities and to explore all the map, with the newts updates it became quite a challenge.

    If you have an Nvidia RTX GPU try the RTX feature, is on another level! 

  • Crusader Kings 3. I am enjoying the flavour packs - eg. the throne room. I love grand strategy games and CK3 keeps me challenged and engaged because I'm constantly learning.

  • Im loving assassin's creed valhalla.

  • I've been getting into Battle Chasers: Nightwar lately. It's not my usual type of game, but the art style and the characters are very cool, for lack of a better word, and I'm not disappointed. The music is also great. I'm not incredibly far into it, so I could have a turnaround of opinion, but so far, I'm finding it very enjoyable.

  • modded three kingdoms total war campaign for me!

  • Cool, i played Life is Strange while ago, that was good, i couldn't play second one yet but maybe ill try that one too. I'm not much familiar Minecraft universe tho, maybe my generation little old for that idk :)

  • Nice, i have Crusader Kings II on my library, maybe it will be good point to start :)

  • I'm a big fan of all Assassin's Creed series since beginning. Hope you enjoy it. Let's see how is "Mirage" gonna be, im excited for that :)