Cooling your PC in summer times

With the upcoming higher temperatures in mind, do you have some kind of strategy to keep your computer cool? E.g. do you use your computer late at night or change your cooling setup?

  • My cooling is set to track the CPU temperature so it will ramp up as necessary. What I may do for my AMD GPU is use default performance instead of the rage profile and enable HYPR-RX Eco which reduces the power consumption compared to the normal HYPR-RX profile for the GPU but we will see when the time comes. Right now it's 12 Celsius in June...

    With the old NVIDIA GTX1080ti I don't run any games on it that really push it hard enough to get it overbearingly hot. The panel connected is a G-Sync one that runs 1440p at 144Hz so well within it's capabilities and I limit the FPS in games either via V-Sync or a manually entered figure to match the refresh rate of my systems monitors anyway.

    The laptop is on an IETS GT500 which is extremely powerful so won't have any problems cooling the laptop during the summer months

  • Something to consider could be a cooling pad If we're talking about laptops.

    Also good pay attention to leave enough distance from walls and other things that might block air dissipation, avoid direct of the computer to the sun light and try to replace the thermal paste If you consider that has passed enough time.

    This could be a good time also for cleaning the fan dust in order to prevent further temperature increases

  • In my desktop pc are 11 fans spinning and a 420mm AiO is cooling my CPU... i don't fear the summer...xD... As long as you have enough airflow in your case you should be fine. Undervolting CPU and GPU in a laptop helps a lot.

  • I have water pump and didnt have high temps.

  • Sounds good. Do you undervolt your CPU to lower temps, too?

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    11 fans is crazy. I have 4 and I thought that's already too much. I guess I was wrong. Joy

  • I always thought about getting one, but it's louder than air cooling, isn't it?

  • Good tips. Thank you.

  • Yeah I find allowing good air flow keeps temperature down.

  • The beauty of HX CPUs is being able to manipulate clocks. I have several Throttlestop profiles so I'd use a more restrictive one if it gets too hot. GPU is the same story, just use a greater UV and lower clocks. My custom base has 3 x T30s so I can turn them up for more airflow and turn the ceiling fan on for room circulation.

    That said, if we get 40c again this year, I probably wont even bother, it was too draining in general.