Game Awards GOTY 2022, who will take it?

In about a week the Game Awards will take place and we will soon know what game wins GOTY 2022. Last years winner It takes too was a huge suprise for me and showed that any title can win it.
With this years favorite being Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok which of these two titles do you think will take it in the end? Or will we see another upset like last year and an indie title like Stray will take it.
Let me hear who do you  think will take it, I'm going with the save bet Elden Ring.

  • I'd love to see Stray win it because I want to see more love for indie-developers. That said, I bet it will be Elden Ring. It had so much hype and players!

  • It's likely between ER and GoW.

    I played a hell of a lot of ER, great game, there was a little copy and pasting with the bosses at some points and the grave/catacombs could have been given a more diverse design as although they changed them up, they still felt a little samey. Massive game, loads to do and really entertaining.

    I haven't played GoW:R but if it's anything like the other, the story and gameplay will be fantastic. That said, if you go through and do everything it's a one and done affair. Where ER has wayyy more to do. But GoW is easy in comparison so it appeals to more people.

    Personally I'd say ER for reruns and the sheer amount to do it tou want to. GoW if solid story is more your thing.

  • My bet is on stray winning 

  • I'd love to see Elden Ring win it.

  • Probably Elden Ring will take it. It clearly deserves it

  • A Plague Tale: Requiem is in with a fair chance too. The production value and talent from the musicians and actors behind the game is second to none

  • I know God of War Ragnarok and Elder Ring are the most suitable but I would love to see Stray, It was very original and the idea of helping stray cats with profits of the game is lovely 

  • I'm looking at the nominees now and as much as I'd love Stray or A Plague Tale to win it, I'm gonna have to go with the majority here and say Elden Ring will take it.

    Embarrassingly, I haven't played ANY of these titles (I'm always a few years behind when it comes to gaming), but I have heard a lot of good things. By the time I play them, we'll be talking about 2024's GOTY, haha. I have to say, though, it's a shame there is such a small range of titles available for so many categories. Not too diverse of an awards ceremony...

  • Like other comments , Elden ring was amazing IMO, but Stray was just too wholesome. So unique and refreshing.

  • There are some really good games in the running this year, but I think it's clear that Elden Ring will take the lead. While I would personally go for Stray, I think it's between Elden Ring and God of War, but with the hype Elden Ring got during release, plus it being multiplatform, it'll easily take the lead.