Preferred mouse pad type

I am curious what types of mouse pads do people tend to use the most.

I know that every mouse pad is specialized and more suitable for a certain type of use, but I personally have always stuck with thin (1mm) soft cloth mouse pads for everything - from daily use to gaming - and I have been perfectly happy with that.

What are your preferences and have you ever tried using different mouse pads for specific scenarios?

  • With excessive sweating cloth pads tend to get naughty quickly. Maybe that's the reason why I've always preferred hard surface pads.

  • i'd appreciate some suggestions too as i've never been able to find a good one

  • I have a fine cotton topped rubberised matt with a gel wrist rest. I have my mouse pretty sensitive so I don't need to move it much. It's nothing special, just a generic from amazon with a dragon pattern, quite small tbh, but that gel pad is a god send.

  • I have a mouse pad that has a cushion at the wrist of the hand. 
    I think that thanks to the pad the wrist is nice on a soft surface, and it is very effective especially when you are so many hours in front of the PC for work or study!

  • I'm using a mouse pad with a wrist rest since 2020, I found it very helpful specially after an hour of use since I tend to use the mouse quite a lot. Is really softRelieved

  • I prefer thin hard surface mouse pads with rubber bottom so it doesn't slide around. I tried other types, but never liked them very much.

  • I like XL size, soft, thick mouse pads that can be washed. I tried using thin mouse pads and the hard surface ones, but I didn't like the feel of them. I also tried mouse pads with the resting pad which I kinda like, but I still prefer the ones without it.

  • I put my large cloth desk mats in the washing machine on cold delicate wash, they come out nice and clean without getting damaged. They take a few hours to dry out hung up over the shower enclosure

  • Cloth but large ones that cover the whole area the keyboard and mouse are in, the reason being they make typing on the keyboard a nicer experience too but also stop that from sliding around if you have a smooth desk surface.

  • I use a very thin mouse pad too, but I wish it was larger. My preference changed when I changed my desk though. I had a glass top previously, then I liked a thicker mouse pad.