Elder ring new dlc

Do you believe this new elder ring dlc is worth it and if it is do you think it will be hard? i have seen some videos talking about the dlc been much harder than the base game

  • If you played the original Dark Souls and Artorias of the Abyss, I think you would agree that the latter (the DLC) was significantly harder than the base game. I mean, maybe I just suck, but it took me days to beat Artorias! Anyway, I would imagine this DLC will follow suit because players will start it off as veterans in the already relatively difficult Elden Ring world.

    As for whether it's worth it, that's a tougher call. The price tag is roughly two-thirds of the base game at this point, and although I don't see them skimping on DLC content, will it be two-thirds as long and large as the base game? That remains to be seen. Then again, I've sunk almost 300 hours into Elden Ring, so even to get another 100-150 would be massively worth it by the standards of what you pay for and get for most games these days...

  • Typically, Dark souls DLC end up being pretty tough. I've played all DS games and DLC and I dare say the difficulty does ramp a little. That said, they normally bring in new things to catch you out, so that in itself seems like a hike because its unfamiliar. 

    Again as a bit of a DS conessuier, the DLCs are always well thought out, challenging and rewarding. Can't say I've been disappointed in any of them so far.

    I must say, DS BB ER and Sekiro are not for the faint of heart, if there is no gud for you to git, there is no "easy" mode. So if it's a skill issue, it wouldn't be worth it if you can't raise to the challenge.

    Im not being mean there either, my girl loves watching me play these games, but she is terrible and admits she could never do it herself. These are by no means "cosy" games lol