Learning how to build a gaming PC?

Any YT videos or other links about learning the basics of building gaming PC rigs that's easy to follow/understand, but also has options for more advanced stuff? 

Always been interested, but tbh so overwhelmed by the amount of info. Especially when every year new components come out.


  • Although this may sound conceited, it's not all that difficult.

    The main issues are getting a case that fits the Mobo and GPU you want. I thought about an ITX build before getting my laptop, but the constant measuring for hardware with the cases you like make it so annoying.
    especially with GPUS being positively obese these days.

    My advice would be just watch a few general builds of the stuff you want to use. and be mindful of measurements.

  • Like Ragnaraz alluded to it's actually relatively easy. The fiddliest bit are the case front panel wires because board manufacturers have their own layouts on the headers so you have to get the fiddly single and double pin wires in the right place.

    This one guide gets updated each year so stays relevant - How to Build a PC, the last guide you’ll ever need! (2024 Update) - LTT Releases - Linus Tech Tips

  • I think that it's not difficult to build a computer but we must to know the qualities and problems for the pieces and to make choices.

  • Most of the effort should go into planning the build and selecting the components. Fitting the components together at the end is the easy part!

    Ultimately, the build starts with the games and applications you want to run, the CPU and GPU you have in mind, along with the form factor/case you're targeting (e.g. ATX/micro ATX), keeping in mind your budget. Everything else will stem from those initial decisions.

    The LTT video linked earlier is definitely worth watching.

    PCPartPicker.com is handy. You can experiment with potential builds there, it will offer some protection against simple incompatibilities, and there are plenty of existing builds there that may inspire you.
    Sizing, dimensions and clearance won't get a lot of checking on the site, so be careful of things like cooler, RAM, and GPU clearances. There are forums on the site, and a pcpartpicker link is often a requirement in other communities that offer build feedback, e.g. the LTT forum linked earlier.
    It should also help calculate the power consumption of your system as well.

    Never skimp on the PSU. PCs are only getting more power-hungry, and paying for stability and protecting your hardware is always worth it. The legendary PSU tier list, based on user reviews, is here: PSU Tier List rev. 17.0g - Cultists Network

    Watercooling would qualify as an advanced topic. JayzTwoCents does a lot on YT about watercooling, and also made a beginners video: Beginners Guide to Watercooling! Easy to Understand Tutorial - YouTube
    Not something I've ever tried myself though.

  • I still prefer the simplicity of air cooling, I have a system with a very expensive Corsair 360MM AIO and am not overly impressed with the design of it even though it's supposedly a high end component from their range. The pump is relatively noisy and the fans installed on it are quite loud even at low rpm. Different people are sensitive to different sound frequencies and I think the Corsair AF Elite 120MM installed in that system are bang on what I find intrusive unfortunately. I have tuned it out as much as possible by using each fan at a slightly different rpm to break the reverb bouncing round the chassis (a Corsair 4000X so you'd think they should work great in there?)

    Yes the CPU really needs an AIO but still, I will try different fans at the very least soon. Maybe be quiet!'s Silent Wings 4

  • Yes knowing the parts is good and how they connect together.

  • I build my fist pc without any videos. It was easy. Only me cable management was ***. xD

  • I'd love to be able to build my own PC great read 

  • If your household has a tower PC, it could be a great practice to dismantle it, clean it, repaste the components, and reformat Windows. Selecting components is easier than ever because of the excellent resources available today, but the challenging part might be the actual assembly. If you haven't opened and tinkered with PCs before, it might seem daunting when doing it for the first time. Therefore, I recommend getting your feet wet by disassembling an old tower so you feel comfortable building a new, awesome rig. This is what I did before I built my first new rig.