Name a game series you are waiting for a new game to be released

After having played Elden Ring last year I can't wait for the next From Software game to be released. DLC would also be pretty nice. A long lost game series that comes to my mind is Turok. I recently played through the HD remaster of Turok 1&2 and I would love to see a new Turok game being made. Not even sure if I would want it to be in a modern styled open world game. I think I would be fine if they go for a kind of retro look or gameplay. Maybe something like the System Shock remake would be nice or maybe go for a more modern approach with old gameplay elements like Doom Eternal did

  • Ultima! I feel like there needs to be a next gen game based on the Ultima series that does it all justice. I would absolutely loooovvvvvveeeeee a modern remake of the original 1-8, perhaps using something similar to The Witcher 3 engine.

  • Same. Its one of my favorite game series.

  • Another decent elder scrolls like skyrim 

  • I miss Medal of Honor series. Specially the ww2 games