How awesome are the CES announcements?!

I've been watching news on the showcase as things are going and good god. Next gen looks amazing.

Personally, I cannot afford to replace and of my gear, but that doesn't stop me from being excited about all the new stuff being released. AMD jumping from 8 cores to 16, boosting the amount of cache an clocks too. I mean Intel has the 24 cores and all that which is cool but i imagine the battery life on those beast will be terrible. The new GPUs should be *** good. Only lower end AMD GPUs have surfaced but mobile 40series cards look like they have a lot of potential.

Anyone seen anything they particularly like?

I love Legion machines but I was pretty excited for the 18 RoG Strix Scar. Shame they haven't gone OLED like a few of the MSI machines, tbh it's a shame Legion hasn't dropped an OLED panel. On that note anyone in the wild of from Lenovo got any detail on the AI chips? I mean people are saying it's basically smart shift... but smart shift is already there... so, what gives?

  • I just did a massive upgrade only recently so it's all look but don't touch for me for a good while yet component wise Pensive  The AMD X3D SKUs are going to be stunning! But the 'banter' between the tech company heads was super cringey Sweat smile It made my toes curl. And AMD we're very quiet about their faulty reference GPU's (not that you'd expect them to make an announcement during CES but a heads-up would have been nice).