What is your best/funniest multiplayer moment?

So I was playing Sea of Thieves last night with some friends and had a rather hilarious moment, thought I'd share and would love to hear other stories!

For those that don't know it, Sea of Thieves is basically a Pirate simulator co-op game on the XBOX Game Pass... you do things like search for treasure, fight other ships, battle undead pirate captain skeletons and.... fire your best mate's pet parrot out of a cannon (yup!)

We had been trying to complete a 'Tall Tale' which is a longer story based quest with checkpoints throughout... we'd just done a very tricky puzzle and battle and to get to the next checkpoint we had to get to another Island quite a way away. 
Anchor raised, compass checked, sails lowered and turned to catch the wind and we were on our way. 

Quite a lot of the game involves combat but there are quieter moments in between islands where you can 'mess around' playing songs together with different instruments etc. 

So to chase away the boredom I selected my flagon of 'grog' and raised it to my best friend's girlfriend. She raised hers and without saying a word on the voice chat we started a drinking contest. 

Being a pirate game, drinking is also 'simulated' so a few minutes later we're laughing and stumbling around the ship unable to control the direction we walk in, screens blurred and otherwise disorientated. I stumbled towards the wheel where my other friend is responsibly steering... and I stumble straight off the edge of the ship and into the water. 

As I watch the ship disappear in the distance... I desperately try to swim back to it and the ship stops still... oh great they've dropped the anchor I think, how kind (and unlikely)... nope.

Kraken attack. 

Kraken attacks are difficult to survive (and very rare) even with a fully functioning crew. 

When one is overboard and the other is now frantically trying to repair the damage in the hull while stumbling around and (literally in game) vomiting all over the other crew mates...it's even harder. 

What followed was about 15 minutes of laughter and franticly shouted orders as we alternated between cutting the tentacles off the deck, firing cannons at others.. bailing water out and desperately trying to repair holes in the ship faster than new ones were made. 

and... we survived! Barely. 

If the ship had sunk it would have taken the key we had in our hold with it, and we would have had to start again... but the fact we survived made it probably THE most piratey thing i've ever experienced...fighting a kraken while blind drunk on grog in utter chaos...

Amazing gaming moment made all the better by the timing!

What's your best in-game multiplayer moment?

  • My team once joined a lobby waaaaaay back in the days of Modern Warfare (we're talking the 2007 one), and we were greeted by the entire enemy team making sheep noises... And this continued for the entire game. Half-time? Yep, still make sheep noises. Post-match lobby? Yep, still 'baaaaaaing' away.

    That was an odd 20 minutes...

  • There are tons of shenanigans to be had on League of Legends, though unfortunately I didn't record any of them! Mostly around crazy glitches that you just have to laugh at (e.g. the Darius pentakill glitch)

  • I was playing prison architect with a friend (it has multi-player) and we were discussing using discord. We were building the bottom of the prison taking good care of making it the best possible and when we were finished we zoomed back and had a frightening sight... The whole upper part of the prison had been burned by one single idiot. So naturally we started laughing our heads off but couldn't actually call the firemen since we were still laughing. We gave up on this prison once we realized it was all burnt after that Sweat smile

  • Ace Combat 7 I was running a F15J with restricted loadout and managed to be the MVP downing 8-10 other jets pretty quickly. 

  • Hitting my first ace on a match of S&D in COD: Black Ops 2 back in 2017 (which was also a 1v4 clutch). People still used their mics a lot back then in game chat so you can probably tell that people were going wild from both sides, made me feel like i was some sort of a FPS demi-god for a very brief period (but then proceeded to die 5 consecutively rounds with no kills at all haha)

  • There were so many.
    One funny moment happened in Valorant, when the opposite team planted the spike and oversaw that I sneaked up on it. While they protected the area, I was just waiting for gun shots to hide the inital sound of the disablement. They were of course extremely surprised, when the game suddenly ended.

  • This is way back in the day, but a friend and I were playing the Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat on the original map Wake Island. It was a CTF round and we had decided to play on opposite teams. He blasted me and grabbed the flag from my team's side of the island, before hijacking a humvee and taking off. As he was racing like a madman around the island's crescent shape to the opposite side, I spawned on the aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean part of the map. DC had a pretty cool arsenal of weapons and vehicles, so taking advantage of this, I hopped in a harrier jet, did a vertical take off, and hovered above the carrier, turning the jet toward the island. Now, I don't know if any of you remember BF1942's Wake Island, but if you were as far out as the carrier, all you saw looking toward the island was fog. However, when an opponent captures the flag, their name lights up like a neon sign for late night food. I swerved the harrier to face the wall of fog and took aim at the flashing name tag. As soon as my crosshair touched it, I let loose a hail of bullets from the aircraft cannon, and BOOM! The humvee exploded with a satisfactory pop, my team's flag was dropped and returned to base, and I had an extremely satisfying revenge tale that I've never let my buddy live down.

  • Haha, sounds like a classic. I can't remember specific moments as it was so long ago but I think the most fun I've ever had gaming was having 2am Jeepathon2k sessions with friends in the original Counter-Strike betas. I think it was a mix of delirium from staying up late playing too much CS, the fact half of my friends were usually stoned and just the joy of messing with gravity settings and pulling off stupid/crazy stunts and kills on the map that was so much fun.

  • when the whole bf5 lobby decided to play melee only

  • Playing Call of Duty with my girl, Advance warfare, or Infinite, I forget.

    Anyway, she's not the best bless her but it was something we did on and off waiting for the next decent co op game to surface.

    Playing away and we lost a handful of matches, I never think anything of it im usually on the higher end of the board and as long as its fun I dont care who wins as long as there's no cheaters, at the end of a 3rd or 4th defeat where my darling was trailing behind with a terrible K/D, she gets a message saying she's being reported, im amused and she is outraged, she asks this random why. To which the guy states he has been in the lobby with us the whole time and saw her terrible scores and accused her of boosting the other side.

    This was doubly hilarious for me, not only did she get accused of that, but she then proceeded to plead her innocence declaring no she really is just THAT bad and she cant help it Rofl