Have you ever had the idea of becoming a streamer?

A lot of people after some time playing games have this idea, I think is a really cool goal but only few ones actually archive it due to the time consuming part of it.

Have you ever try it of your own? How it went for you?Grin

  • I have thought about it, but haven't actually given it a go yet. What about you?

  • I'm trying it now - search for Pinapod on youtube! Still relatively early days but I've learned a lot and I've had a little growth with just some random videos, unboxings and game streaming. Can fully appreciate streamers taking time off now and then as it does take a lot of the steam out of your desire to play games if you set yourself up mentally to try and record it and put it out there!

    Appreciate it will probably not turn me into a major household name (or even a somewhat known name) but I also haven't put much more than time into it Slight smile

  • Id probably enjoy it as I game all the time, thing is I'm not exactly PC, tend to have no filter even if I mean no harm in anything said.

    That and I'd hate to have to constant interact with people.

  • I had some thoughts about it, but I quickly understood it's an oversaturated market, so to say. I don't even play video games that much, it's more of a "when I can" type of thing so it wouldn't line up with my life anymore that well.

    I also rarely watched other people stream, would rather play the game on my own. Shrug

  • Hmm, I did have that idea of becoming a streamer myself at some point a few years ago. But after I thought more about what it all takes to be a successful streamer and how time consuming it is, I just decided not to even try. I am just happy with playing my games when I can without the stress of streaming schedules etc.

  • I thought about it, but never actually gave it a try. The main reason is that I don't enjoy gaming anymore as I used too, and to stream other things is of course possible but I didn't find something that could keep my interest up in the long term, yet.

  • I can't say that I've ever had the thought about it as I've never really been interested in watching streams either. I like to watch a short overview or review of a game, but watching a stream of someone playing the game rather than playing it myself is not something I am interested in.

  • I tried once but my internet connect was really bad and the quality of my stream was terrible, if I increased to something pleasing to look at I would get massive lag. Now I have a better connection but I don't care anymore lol.

  • Honestly I've thought about it so much, not as a career but even for fun or extra cash (if it did OK) only thing that has stopped me is a decent PC!

  • I wanted to become a streamer when I was around 16-17, but I’ve never managed to get my hands on a high-end pc or actually game on pc in general and have always been stuck in console gaming, so that dream kinda slowly faded away.