What was the first MMO game you played?

Mine was Anarchy Online, and the biggest introduction to PC gaming for myself. I had played other games but it wasn't until AO that I really wanted to build my own PC and spend more time learning about computers and PC gaming in general.

Does anyone else have a similar experience?

  • I was a fps player until I try world of Warcraft. Played it for 10 years after Joy

  • MMO specifically, I think mine was either Ultima Online or the original Lineage. Just got massive nostalgia reminding myself of those games. Things were so simple, new and explorative in those days, and the communities were so much easier to get into without any toxicity problems when things were very early on.

  • The first MMO I ever played was Lineage in 1999 or early 2000, but I played it for a very short time. I tried several other MMOs over the next couple of years but neither stuck with me until 2003 when I started playing Final Fantasy XI and stayed with it until 2010 when I switched to FFXIV.

  • The original Runescape was my very first MMO experience. I found it to be silly at first but I had some great time playing it over the years. I tried almost every MMO that was available until 2009 or so when playing MMOs started to be more like a chore than actual fun so I kinda retired from MMO games since then.

  • Mine was Old school Runescape. Lots of my friends were playing it and got me to play. I really loved it and put countless hours into it.

  • Lineage 2 in an internet cafe, I only tried it because there were regular customers that were there literally all day playing it and I got curious enough one day to see what exactly they liked about it. I didn't care much about it but I did play WOW for a few months until my subscription ran out. Not much of a MMO player I get bored of the repetitiveness easily.

  • Bring me back to these days! I wish I had tried Ultima back in its hayday

  • Grand Fantasia if anyone knows what it is

  • Lord of the rings, but only for a little while. Great to hear stories like yours about how early games sparked an interest in learning more about computers, building them etc.

  • I was never (and still am not) a big MMO fan, but I think the first MMOs I tried were Runescape and WoW. Both were fun for a very limited time, but what a time sink! I just couldn't justify it, and to this day, I still don't like MMOs. Happy to be convinced otherwise, though.