What was the first MMO game you played?

Mine was Anarchy Online, and the biggest introduction to PC gaming for myself. I had played other games but it wasn't until AO that I really wanted to build my own PC and spend more time learning about computers and PC gaming in general.

Does anyone else have a similar experience?

  • Was playing a lot of Runescape back when I was younger (the classic version now). My PC couldn't handle the browser gaem graphics thats why I had to put the settings to low. what an experience it was running around in like 15 fps. Wouldn't be able to play with such low framerate these days.

  • Things have changed so much in the last decade or two. It used to be, as long as a game ran it was considered playable. Nowadays, unless it's 60FPS 1080p minimum people scream that it's unplayable. Wonder if it's because the games these days rely on a higher framerate to be playable at all or have we just been conditioned into thinking thats the case?

  • I'm not sure... there was a game starting with an E that had amazing graphics (for the time) and it had at least one sequel but it was not EverQuest... totally can't remember nor find it in the wikipedia list of MMORPGs so uhm... I think that was the first I played, followed by PristonTale (which btw still seems to be online while PristonTale 2 is not) and then a lot of Lineage, followed by GuildWars. Pretty tired of MMOs these days though.

  • The only "E" mmo I could find from the 2000's is Entropia Universe. Could it be that?

  • I have never played at this gaming genre . It might be incredible playing with people around the world ! 
    I’ll try it!

  • Everquest!  The original grind!