What are "night and day" revolutions in modern PC hardware that you'd recommend everyone take advantage of?

By "night and day" revolution I mean something where previous/recent PC hardware was "ok" or "good" but switching to a modern piece of tech for that hardware goes to "amazing" - like literally going from the extreme of changing from the complete darkness of night to the filling light of day.

The most obvious example for me personally was switching from HDD to SSD. That really was a "night and day" comparison and the crazy reduction to OS and software load times - going from minutes to mere seconds - accompanied by blisteringly faster read/write speeds and even maintenance advantages for laptops, made PCs and laptops so much more user friendly in every way for me.

Anyone else got any other examples?

Obviously I am not talking about things like going from a really old graphics card like a Voodoo TNT to a brand new 4080 because that change is expected and was done bit-by-bit with a lot of small changes over multiple generations and a very long period of time. It's got to be something where technologies changed in a significant way reasonably quickly, or there was an unusually significantly huge jump in tech between one generation of a tech to the next.

  • Probably the same as you I'd go for SSD's. The improvement to load times for games and file transfers or even just restarting windows is a game changer. Swapping from HDD to SSD is probably one of the most effective upgrades you can make. 

  • After SSDs there really isn't much in terms of hardware. You could maybe say optane but Intel killed it and it will never become mainstream. I think from here on out the only way to massively enhance your experience is to buy a good monitor, OLEDs are starting to become more available.

  • People that like apple often say that changing all their devices to apple changed their life. Idk about that... for me iAnything is a no go. But maybe switching from Windows to Linux could be a night and day experience... since for me, what I've been hating most in the last few years is how annoying Microsoft is with the windows updates.

  • I think DDR5 can become a game changer when its refined more and newer more capable chipsets come in to play.

    I mean I got 10-20fps from upgrading stock CL40 DDR5 to CL34. Newer laptops are now going to be boosting the frequency, for Ryzen machines if all the IF and other clocks take a boost from that too it will further bolster performance along side architecture and CPU frequency boosts as well as more cache.

    It will be hard to directly correlate, but pretty sure if you took an optimised Zen3 DDR4 Laptop with CL20 ram and the Zen3+ with the CL34 kit you would see a decent gain. 

  • SSDs were the big thing for me. Just having a computer that loaded up and was responsive enough you didn't have to wait around is a game changer! I honestly don't know how some people are still using hard drives as they drove me nuts!!

  • Thank you for your informations and your gentle explanation. When I have to do some demanding activities, I’ll consider it and I will take advantage!