Trustworthy sources of pc benchmarks

There are a lot of people and businesses who do hardware tests but not all of them are reliable, generally I avoid unknown youtube channels or websites and stick to known good sources. I will list some sources I think are good here and hopefully others will too.

CPU and GPU:, GamersNexus (youtube channel), (mostly cpu)

Monitors:, Hardwareunboxed (youtube channel, they also do cpu and gpu but I don't consider them as good as the others above),

Coolers: techpowerup, gamersnexus

SSD: techpowerup, tomshardware (tomshardware reviews a lot of things but the quality of the site has gone down a lot I only visit for SSD reviews anymore)

PSU:, old techpowerup and tomshardware reviews done by Aris Mpitziopoulos (not sure if he still does them because he runs cybenetics now)

  • Agree with above. I quite like Club386 so I'd add them. They used to be known as until it closed a few years ago and some staff took it over and changed the name to Club386. They do really well written reviews, tech news and benchmarking and are UK based so it's nice to get a regional perspective rather than the other more US centric sites.

  • Thanks for the heads up about Club386. I agree it is nice to get a UK based perspective.