Ray, tracing, Yay or Nay?

I haven't had the pleasure (?) yet to really try it for myself because of severely lacking hardware. But for those of you out there with RTX cards, would you say it is a feature that you now can't live without, or does the FPS hit make you turn it off even if you could use it just to simply save frames? I can't really decide weather it's just a gimmick or not. Does any of this change with DLSS tech like DLSS3 and frame generation?

What do you think?

  • Honestly, I've seen a few side by side comparisons and unless you're really staring... you hardly notice the difference in some games.

    Then comes the performance hit when you have it on? Nah, if you use RT you are forced into DLSS to keep it playable. But DLSS reduces the quality of it anyway so its pretty counter productive IMO. I dont bother with it.

  • I use it for benchmarks and screenshots but otherwise it's far better to leave it turned off unless you have a RTX4090. Maybe in future generations of hardware as the RT computer cores are better optimised it will be worth leaving on for the entire range of RT capable GPUs from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel.

  • I haven't used it because I have a GTX card, but from pictures I have seen it looks better but not THAT much better to deserve to halve your framerate.

  • Depends of how is implemented in a game, sometimes is barely noticeable. However there's also games that really change the experience like Minecraft Bedrock 

  • Some games it's really well implemented and does a lot for immersion but others, not so much. So you have to test it on every individual game and see how you feel about it. I generally like to turn on any settings like Ray Tracing that I can for graphics and immersion, and only resort to turning it off if the framerate is unplayable on that game. But it really is dependent on the game implementation.

  • I dont care about it too much.

  • In most cases, unless you really know what to look for, using Ray Tracking doesn't make games look that much better. Of course, it also depends on how Ray Tracking is actually implemented in the game as not all games are optimized for it. I am pretty confident Ray Tracking tech won't go away anytime soon, but we are still far away from truly using the capabilities of it as much more powerful GPUs are needed to show the true power of Ray Tracing.

  • For me the only RT effect that's worth it are ray traced reflections (especially the ones in Cyberpunk look really good). If a game only has Ray Traced shadows, I leave it off