Destiny 2 LightFall

So, recently the new Destiny 2 DLC just launched, I've been hearing a variety of opinions about it, what people have liked and or hated (no spoilers please tho!). I was wondering what other people's feelings were to the DLC if they've played it? Whether it's worth the price tag, and if it truly deserves all the negativity it's been receiving of late on numerous platforms. I look forward to seeing people's responses :DD 

  • I sacked off Destiny 2 after the Darkness DLC with Frost spec. When the Dev charges you £30 for an expansion, then £15 for a season pass... when in reality it became a boring grind fest. The expansion got you a load of recycled content like VoG and about 2 hours story missions if you don't include all the running back and forth that was pretty meaningless. A rubbish set of gear behind the season pass which revolved around a farm/grinding event for that season. A load of old exotics or lame newer ones. They removed all the old special purples, I forget their name, things like the Recluse and Lunas Howl. Basically the weapons you had to earn but were worth having. Oh and a raid.

    Some of the story premise of the expansions seemed like they're fun or good, but the actual execution of it always seemed cheap and grindy. I mean I hated the fact they killed Cayde-6 but that expansion was amazing, plenty of different things to do, even if some of it was grindy they made it fun unlike the subsequent expansions after Activision's departure. Honestly, part of me wants to try it. but I remember getting one of the expansions for my GF and she wanted help so she bought me the base expansion, thought the story was meh, then any new exotics quests? Season pass... the story driven grind event? Season pass.... Even the lame parts that should have been in the expansion was behind a pay wall. That was my final straw for D2.

    I haven't looked into the new expansion for these reasons, I do get tempted from nostalgia, but like the last few expansions I bought before quitting I know I'll just be left disappointed. If you like what D2 is these days more power to you but I do think there are better games out there. Just my opinion of course.

  • Destiny seemed too much boring grind to me to bother with it to be honest. Can't do such games anymore.

  • It's nice to hear a review like this. I'll surely pass on the game since I don't want to finance someone's imaginary (pay) walls. I bet it's not fun even with everything unlocked, because the only "fun" games like that have is actually unlocking that content. I say "fun" because if something is available for "free", but also has an option to pay for it, you are likely to grind your life away just to get some lousy item and be 2% stronger than your competitors. A waste of time and money...

  • I really liked forsaken. Shadow keep was ok. Fell off with witch queen. With the reviews out now I’m not jumping back on atm. 

  • I will say the current DLC is very underwhelming and when compared to something like Witch Queen, it makes you wonder whether bungie are making actual progress. It isn't all bad however, and while there are loads of QOL changes, and new exotics, and with the raid coming out today. I don't think it will make up for the bitter feelings left towards the end of the campaign. Again not all bad, strand (the new subclass) is probably the most fun thing I've gotten to play around with in a while, and the game is definitely just as grindy if not more than ever before. If I didn't have several friends playing the game, I probably would have stopped buying all the DLC and such a while ago.

  • Yeahh...It still is xD I don't think that will ever change, I can only hope they make it slightly more worthwhile 

  • Personally I think WQ was one of the best DLC they've ever released, but that's my own opinion, and I think Lightfall is wayyyy off from that sadly. I don't think I could in good conscious recommend the new DLC to anyone as for the massive bill, it's not worth it

  • I like it but I have no idea why these dlcs are starting to cost more than some full games

  • It feels like devs are becoming lazier and lazier with DLCs. More and more they feel like easy money grabs. Especially if you ask so much money for them, they better be good!

  • For me It's just bad. As a Destiny player since day 1, I've bought every single piece of content for the better part of 8 years. Lightfall is an utter and complete failure, and while it does make some quality of life changes, these are features that could have easily been in a seasonal update. The story is disjointed and no sense , it has more plot holes than a should ever get past a team meeting, the gear and play loop continues to decay from content that is aging horribly, and the rewards for time investments are stagnant.