All things Keyboard.

For the longest time I have used an old as heck Acer keyboard from when my dad got an old desktop back in my early teens. Many thing came and went, but that KB stayed. In all honesty I wanted a new KB but never actually found one I liked that wasn't stupidly expensive -eyeballs Logitech- .

Well, I recently treated myself to a new wireless beastie. the Royal Kludge RK84, by all accounts it's a "budget friendly' Gamer KB. Tbh at £89 I would hardly call it budget. Anyhow, mechanical (I went with red linears), more RGB settings than you can shake a stick at, battery check shortcut and upto 200hrs battery life lights depending. You can hardly grumble. It has a nice premium feel to it, switches are hot swappable cherry style. Unfortunately, it is a US style KB layout but with a language shoft cut you can swap between a UK and US layout at the press of a button so it doesn't interfere if I use my laptops KB instead of the RK. It has 2 USB A ports and  USB C port, I believe you can power things with them as well as charge the device too. It can be used wired, dongle or bluetooth, which I find pretty neat as you have plenty of options. It is a little clacky when typing as standard, which is where the next part comes in.

My annoying habit of not leaving things well alone. I never knew there was such a huge modding scene for KBs of all things. Worst thing about that is I am one of those people that likes to make things better/ my own. So I've ordered some Krytox GPL 205G2 to lube all the switches for a smoother, quieter action, got some dielectric grease on the way to sort out the stabilisers too, I already have fabric plasters for the "band aid" mod to further quieten the the bigger keys. I also had some little key cap O rings delivered today too, fitted them to all the key caps to soften the bottom of the press. As much as I don't mind the sound of it as standard, my office is in the living room and I game and forum browse here, so furious typing can be pretty noisy for anyone else in the room at the time.

So anyone else here got a nice KB and has tinkered with it, or do you guys just leave them be?


Heck, I spent the entirety of the 21st, stripping and lubing the linear reds in the KB, and doing the "bandaid" mod on the stabilisers. I can now see why the lubed switches cost so *** much. That is one hell of a tedious and time consuming job. The KB is extremely quiet now. the action is smooth and almost mushy. Don't get me wrong I am pretty happy with how much quieter it is. Can't help but feel like it does feel a little weird as it is slightly mushy. Maybe the lube I used was slightly too thick. It works perfect its just that feeling on the keys that's so alien for any KB.  Overall I do like the dampened sound, it will take some getting used to though.

  • Honestly right now (first KB i've purchased in years because i have a laptop) i've just got a valid regular logitech one but i love it hahah

  • I was tempted to try to get into the custom keyboards where you can build it from parts and customise them but with how expensive it is I was really put off. I already have enough expense with the cost of pc gaming! Plus I won a logitech wireless keyboard and that works perfectly fine for my needs apart from the slightly annoying wake up lag!

  • I have a normal mechanical kb with kailh brown switches, it was good for the price I paid for it, I've seen some attractive custom keyboards but it seems like a hobby that is too expensive for what you get from it. One thing I would legitimately want though is a keyboard with a screen with misc info like cpu/gpu temp, fps, name of song currently playing, etc.

  • I've never bought a keyboard because I use only laptops for mobility porpoises, but sometimes I think is great to have custom keys to change the letters and symbols (specially I you use different languages like french and English.

  • In my desktop days it was all about razer accessories. So I had razer ornata chroma with rgb light. It looks awesome so I didn’t do any thing with it. 

  • ASUS has done just that, with a mini OLED screen, but I think the *** thing is near £300. Thats silly money just for a KB. As cool as it might be, unless you lay golden eggs, its hard to justify that cost.

  • I just got a logitech keyboard. And im really happy with it so far.

  • I cannot get the hang of straight keyboards. I have to use ergo ones. Probably does not help my gaming, but it's so much more comfortable for me.

  • The original PS/2 MS Natural Keyboard that came with drivers on a floppy disk was great but also took up a huge chunk of desk space. These days I use a standard keyboard and a wireless Vertical mouse. The vertical mouse negates hand tremor I have if I use a flat mouse

  • I just leave my keyboards stock. I'm not in a shared space so excess noise from the switches in my K70 RapidFire isn't so much of an issue. I also have a wireless cherry desk set I share between two other PCs via a USB KVM switch