Wired vs Wireless PC Peripherals

Nowadays, pretty much every PC peripheral can be either wired or wireless. Both options have their pros and cons.

Wired peripherals are generally cheaper and tend to be better for gaming, as signals travel faster and more reliably via wire than through the air. However, they lack the convenience of having no wire, which can also cause clutter.

Wireless peripherals are usually more expensive and may not be as optimal for pro gaming, but they can be used pretty much everywhere and in every scenario, and you are free of wire clutter.

I am wondering what do you use, and how satisfied are you with your wired or wireless peripherals?

  • I personally prefer using wireless peripherals, particularly mice. The latency is now on par if not surpassing wired peripherals, and they cut down on cable clutter too. Some wireless mice can even support wireless charging mouse mats. 

  • Lol, call me silly, but I have a wireless mouse and I keep it wired - I'm too lazy to put the wire to recharge it. Laughing

    I use wired headphones, wired joystick and wired keyboard too, and I don't have any issues with wires. Everything goes through the monitor stand so it's nice and tidy.

    However, I'm eyeing on wireless mice since they got so light nowadays, and wire would be a drag more than needed.

  • I'm wireless! Used wired for years and skipped the earlier generations of wireless, finally got a decent wireless mouse on amazon prime day or some other sale and couldn't really tell any difference in terms of input lag or anything in normal use.

    So far the plusses:

    + no extra resistance moving mouse from attached cable

    + better range than plugged in version


    - need to charge the battery occasionally (but I just leave it charging overnight)

    - slightly more expensive

    - if you leave them long enough for it to go to sleep it takes a second or two to reconnect 

  • I have a wired keyboard and wireless mouse. The keyboard doesn't move so I don't mind if it's wired but for the mouse I find it clunky and distracting because the wire always moves along with the mouse. Mine has a built in battery so to charge it I can connect it to any usb port with its charging cable without having to change batteries which is nice.

  • I am all wireless as I like my desktop to be neat and clean with no wires. I am not a pro gamer nor do I play competitive games, so I don't care much about extra delay or something. And prices of wireless tech aren't as expensive as they were before, so you can get a decent wireless mouse, for example, for a budget price.

  • I have wire less gaming mouse for my laptop. The laptop is used on a laptop stand that I use on a normal chair and are moveable. So the wire will be in the way. 

  • I prefer wired, since the cable doesn't get in the way much and you don't have issues with charging and they are generally cheaper.

  • Wired for me, I think wireless anything is overrated (maybe minus KBM) but especially with regards to gaming

  • Is quite an advantage to have wireless peripherals to avoid to many cable on your desk, at the end of the dey depends If it'll bother you the changing factor of these devices and If you will be able to feel any latency out of them.

  • I use a wired keyboard and wireless mouse. My keyboard is stationary, so why bother with batteries. A wired mouse is awkward and so I use a wireless mouse.