Counter Strike 2

The announcement of Counter Strike 2 has sent shockwaves through the gaming community, and as fans of the series, I thought it would be interesting to start a discussion about what we want to see in the game.

I love the smoke overhaul that they showed, it will introduce so many new possible tactics. The new maps look great too, maybe not super better and shinier, but a bit different too.

  • There's nothing new I particularly want apart from the usual (1) better anti-cheat, (2) less net code randomness and (3) less randomness of people spraying Joy But jokes aside, I'm interested to see what the new engine changes bring to the game. Especially the stuff around tick rate and how that works. 

  • The technical changes they announced with the new tick system sound very interesting, it remains to be seen how it will work in the field of course but the theory is good and is a step forward for online games. Also coming as a free upgrade is pretty cool.

  • as a non-cs player, (not that I haven't tried but just don't find it very fun and never got into it properly, also never understood the loot box and gambling parts!) I saw the smoke demo but honestly wasn't that impressed, sure it adds some cool physics into it and nice that everyone sees the same thing but honestly it still doesn't look as good as other top games without the cool smoke moving from grenades and things. Other thing I wanna say is that the physics themselves look kinda off, like a smoke grenade wouldn't instantly fill a space and things. Seems like it's counter strike and that's why it has a hype train behind it, and not because the game will be so much better than the ones before it...

  • same thing as overwatch 2 probably. maybe a bit more changes under the hood, but all the same really.

  • Been on and off since 1.5. I liked source the best. Hope this version gets me back in the game 

  • Thanks for sharing! 
    I have never heard of it! I gather that it’s a game of weapons, shooting and defense. It’s not my thing, but I think that I’ll try to give him a chance. There’s no harm in tryingGrinning

  • I cna honestly say im amazed that CS is so populair, i have never seen the joy in it

  • I never got warm with the movement behavior in CS GO, so I hope it will be more like in CS 1.6, but I guess CS 2 is all about graphics, so no hope for me.

  • I played years ago, and was really funny. Never tried since then but I like the idea because for many players it was our childhood Relieved

  • The new smoke looks like a big gamechanger. Makes flashbangs even more important imho. Looking forward to the release in summer