What programs do you use for stream editing (Video and Sound) ?

What programs do you use for stream editing (Video and Sound) ?

I love to get better at editing video and sound, but do not know where to start.

- What programs do you use (have tried) ?

- Did you watch YouTube or courses to learn it ?

Hope to find a good way to learn this new skill. 

  • My picks for video editing were always either Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere Pro. From my experience, vegas is easier to use if you’re a beginner, but I guess it’s a matter of preference. I did learn the editing basics from Youtube, I recommend you do the same and you’ll eventually get better at it over time, don’t think paying for courses is worth it though.

  • I'm not a streamer, but I am a podcaster, and so I know a little about sound editing. Personally, may favorite program to use for audio editing is Audacity. It's really simple, doesn't have much of a learning curve, and has a lot of features. However, if you've got video AND audio going at the same time, I assume Audacity won't be incredibly useful for you. But if you (for some strange reason) want to edit them separately, then check it out! The program is a lot of fun to play around with anyway.

  • I'm not a professional but I do create content for fun at times, I'd recommend davinci resolve for video and audacity for audio, both are free and anyone can try them.

  • I use DaVinci resolve. I really like very much it because it is a massively powerful professional video production application, and  includes all the cutting, keyframing, color grading, and audio tools pros want. The pros are so: plenty of editing tools for precise control; it’s clear, well-designed interface; includes motion graphics and audio editing and fast render performance. By the way, the cons are that it requires a lot of system resources and it’s a complex software to learn.

  • A good option is DaVinci Resolve, it has a free version with basic features and also a competitive price for the complete version of the software. Is really intuitive and easy to use. You can't get wrong also with the online manual provided by the company 

  • My younger brother also used Adobe Premiere Pro. He's learned it at university through a subject. He's helped me make a funny video with his skills, and we killed it. Laughing

    The only video editing I did was in VLC player lmao.

  • I use OBS for capturing/streaming, sound editing with Audacity and Video Editing with Sony Vegas, which was cool to find newer versions through Humble Bundle.

    Learning... well... first thing is playing with the software, experimenting, but youtubing is really helpful, especially when I am looking to do something specific with the software.

    Good luck ahead!

  • Id prob use DaVinci resolve.or Adobe Preimere pro and i would watch a video to learn how to use the program.

  • Davinci is free and there are quite a lot of tutorials for it on youtube!

  • I use Adobe Premiere, however I'm not really satisfied with it since it's very instable and crashes regulary-