What programs do you use for stream editing (Video and Sound) ?

What programs do you use for stream editing (Video and Sound) ?

I love to get better at editing video and sound, but do not know where to start.

- What programs do you use (have tried) ?

- Did you watch YouTube or courses to learn it ?

Hope to find a good way to learn this new skill. 

  • My picks for video editing were always either Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere Pro. From my experience, vegas is easier to use if you’re a beginner, but I guess it’s a matter of preference. I did learn the editing basics from Youtube, I recommend you do the same and you’ll eventually get better at it over time, don’t think paying for courses is worth it though.

  • I'm not a streamer, but I am a podcaster, and so I know a little about sound editing. Personally, may favorite program to use for audio editing is Audacity. It's really simple, doesn't have much of a learning curve, and has a lot of features. However, if you've got video AND audio going at the same time, I assume Audacity won't be incredibly useful for you. But if you (for some strange reason) want to edit them separately, then check it out! The program is a lot of fun to play around with anyway.

  • I'm not a professional but I do create content for fun at times, I'd recommend davinci resolve for video and audacity for audio, both are free and anyone can try them.

  • I use DaVinci resolve. I really like very much it because it is a massively powerful professional video production application, and  includes all the cutting, keyframing, color grading, and audio tools pros want. The pros are so: plenty of editing tools for precise control; it’s clear, well-designed interface; includes motion graphics and audio editing and fast render performance. By the way, the cons are that it requires a lot of system resources and it’s a complex software to learn.

  • I use adobe premiere, but I'm not really happy with it, considering that it is just extremely unstable. Saving every 1-2 minutes is crucial.

    I learned a lot by watching youtube tutorials and by clicking a lot of different buttons. ;)

  • A good option is DaVinci Resolve, it has a free version with basic features and also a competitive price for the complete version of the software. Is really intuitive and easy to use. You can't get wrong also with the online manual provided by the company 

  • My younger brother also used Adobe Premiere Pro. He's learned it at university through a subject. He's helped me make a funny video with his skills, and we killed it. Laughing

    The only video editing I did was in VLC player lmao.