Would you be interested in seeing my project?

Ok, so I will be let loose on my girls spare laptop over the next few weeks. (Red writing has been addressed in the edits)

It is a 2021 Legion 5 15ACH6H, 5800H, 130w RTX 3060 with 16gb stock RAM and the terrible 120hz 70% SRGB FHD screen.

The plan:
1. Thermal overhaul, Conductonaut on both dies, PP10 on VRMs and VRAM, Likely added copper on the alloy plate so they get better on site cooling on a cooler.
2. Use NVflash to update the VBIOS to the Legion 140w VBIOS, undervolt and OC it in MSI Afterburner for maximum performance.
3. Install a 32gb Kingston Fury impact kit and use UMAF to bypass the BIOS and OC the RAM and fabric clocks. CL20 kit, may try to find a 2R kit if I can.
4. If all of that goes well, I found a compatible 240hz 100% DCI-P3 400nits screen with Free/Gsync, that will also get fitted. A 165hz 100% SRGB screen that is Free/Gsync compatible.

Basically I'll take stock numbers and temps on benches and games with ambient temps recorded. Stages would be:

Stock on my IETS GT500.
Thermals overhauled on the GT500.
Thermal OH, flash and tune.
Thermal OH, Flash/tune and OC RAM.

Considering the nature of Afterburner, I could do stock clocks on the flashed GPU with the RAM OC and then the maximised profile so you can see how much that part makes a difference on it's own too. 

I plan on taking a decent amount of detail down at this point anyway, I'm asking if the community here would be interested in seeing just how much I can squeeze out of this machine?
The panel will likely me plug and play, hard to take a picture that shows how washed on the old one is compared to the new one if it works lol.

Spare me the neigh saying on "what's the point" the short answer is because I'm curious and because I can. Keeps me busy.


There appears to be interest in the panel I'm going to try if everything goes well. For some reason it is no longer listed on the Lenovo support site, tech guy said they may no longer offer that in sales so will have subsequently removed it from the site so sales don't get asked about a panel they don't stock.

The panel in question was LG Display LP156QHG-SPR1 Overview - Panelook.com
Though in the same family and according to s few others that have done a few panel swaps before, this LG Display LP156QHG-SPV1 Overview - Panelook.com should also be compatible. On a few panel replacement sites if you ask for the 165hz Legion panel, they divert you over to this one. Soooo, naturally, that's the one I'm going to try. Full disclosure, I know full well that the 3060 will never drive a 1440 panel to 240hz unless I'm emulating a PS1 game, I'm not bothered about the refresh rate, it's all about that glorious 100% DCI-P3.

EDIT 2 : 

So, my research continued... I ended up on a Legion discord full of crazy people and geniuses. I asked about the Panel, the flash and the RAM.

Panel: The 240hz is a no go, assuming the details are accurate the 240hz model has a Pin pitch of 0.4mm and the stock panel is 0.5mm, so they're not compatible after all it seems, so the 165hz 100% SRGB screen is the way to go.

140W Flash: They have the Lenovo packages for both the 5i and 5 AMD 140W VBIOS and it is apparently compatible with the Gen 6 models. So that seems to be even more straight forward than originally thought. Though I will still get NVflash and make a back up of the OG VBIOS just in case.

The RAM OC: Crushing news here. I ended up chatting to people who worked with SmokelessCPU in developing the UMAF tool. Apparently Ryzen 4000series is wide open, only 5000HX models are open. Meaning unfortunately I can fit the Kingston Fury impacts, but I cannot tune them. If I got "unprotected" RAM (no internal softlock on OC) I could use Thaiphoon Burner to reflash the RAM itself. I will not go down this route for 2 reasons, 1. It is a massive hassle on a laptop and can lead to risky situations I would rather not be in. 2. With the 5000series being locked down, you cannot adjust voltage to make sure the timings are stable, meaning you are completely at the mercy of the silicon lottery to see if you can even get better timings. Since the best kits are Gskill and are generally locked behind XMP, it would be a pain to buy a kit, risk it all and get from CL22 on a stock kit to CL18 on that kit with much hassle in between. Especially when the Fury kit is CL20 PnP. I may hunt to see if anyone has a 2R kit of the Fury, as Kingston discontinued that in favour of a 1R kit.

  • I never thought of upgrading a laptop screen. May I ask where you bought the new, better screen and how you determined that it's compatible? But good luck with the project! I am looking forward to seeing the difference in benchmark numbers and temperature.

  • I never thought of upgrading a laptop screen. May I ask where you bought the new, better screen and how you determined that it's compatible? But good luck with the project! I am looking forward to seeing the difference in benchmark numbers and temperature.

  • Pumped in the serial on the Lenovo parts site, you can see parts as built and compatible with the "machine type" the QHD screen isn't in stock so they suggest substitutes. The LGD substitute has 4 versions, one is a vastly superior beasty. I also sat talking to Lenovo tech support to clarify it too.

    I also found a serial modder on another forum and was chatting to him about it, he knew a guy who managed to squeeze a 4k screen in onenof them too. Im just happy with the 100% DCI-P3 personally lol