Which digital platforms do you buy your games from?

With more companies than ever vying for a slice of the market, which ones are your go-to PC digital retailers?

Is it Steam through and through for you? Or maybe you've been giving the Epic Games Store a go recently? Or how about Green Man Gaming or G2A?

And for the ones you choose to buy from, why is that?

We'd love to know, so let us know where you buy your PC games from in the comments below!

  • Im Epic Games and Steam. Don't touch the others. 

  • steam + wargaming.net for world of tanks.

  • Good game World of Tanks!

  • yes, it is. i team up with a friend and it's huge fun. although i now see that you can get world of tanks through steam.

  • I'm a bit new to all this, but I've been buying on Steam and G2A. Is there any problems with G2A, some people are not really fond of it...

  • I've personally never had any issues with it Jose - but I must admit, I can't remember the last time I used it!

  • For now just Steam, but I did consider Epic Games as well. Steam, because it's just most trusted one so far, and I've been using it for many years now.

  • Not technically a Tank, but any Bradley’s in that game?  Love to find games like that.

  • To be honest I just buy on the platform where it's the cheapest, abide by the law and has a decent refund policy. So keys are a no go for me.

    That said, I mainly use EGS when they have the 10€/$/£ coupons. Then Steam/publisher own launcher.

  • Fanatical, Humble Bundle and Green Man Gaming have good deals occasionally and only sell legitimate keys. Otherwise, direct from the main stores Steam, Epic, GOG, Origin, Ubisoft when the sales are on