Post your gaming set-ups!

It's time to show off your gaming stations!

From the humble single monitor set-up to spawling man/woman caves, post your set-ups below to show off how you game.

For your consideration, I'll get the ball rolling with my humble abode - complete with Soldier 76 statue and  *ahem* a collectors edition of Mass Effect 3, sign by the voice of MaleShep, Mark Meer!

Now, I have no doubt that your set-ups will blow mine out of the water, so get posting!

  • LOL

    My 'setup' is a dell laptop connected to a screen with a MX Master 3 Mouse... Pretty simple!

    Don't think it counts as a setup though...

  • Sometimes the simple ones are the most effective!

  • pretty much all new, secretlabs chair, two iiyama monitors 24" for the raspi4 i use as my project pc. 27" 1440p 144hz iiyama for the legion t5 that was delivered last week. i am also building a raspi0 powered retro gaming handheld. i see secretlabs have just released a gaming desk so it may well be that one of those gets added to my setup soon. the only thing missing from the photo is the acer spin713 chromebook that i purchased last month. all in all a good year for new tech so far

  • Love it Gavin, that chair is amazing! Fantastic desktop background, too! Sunglasses

  • i would usually build a pc but gpu prices are insane at the mo. after a lot of research the toss up was between a legion t5 and a dell g5. i feel like i made the right choice now i've got it. the chair was me deciding i wanted maximum comfort when gaming plus i am a sucker for a limited edition.

  • if you can play games on it then it's a setup.

  • Yup. And sometimes win as well!

  • I just use an office chair... Comfy and cheap!

  • Mine is just "meh", not worth posting lmao