Post your gaming set-ups!

It's time to show off your gaming stations!

From the humble single monitor set-up to spawling man/woman caves, post your set-ups below to show off how you game.

For your consideration, I'll get the ball rolling with my humble abode - complete with Soldier 76 statue and  *ahem* a collectors edition of Mass Effect 3, sign by the voice of MaleShep, Mark Meer!

Now, I have no doubt that your set-ups will blow mine out of the water, so get posting!

  • LOL

    My 'setup' is a dell laptop connected to a screen with a MX Master 3 Mouse... Pretty simple!

    Don't think it counts as a setup though...

  • if you can play games on it then it's a setup.

  • Yup. And sometimes win as well!

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