What do you think of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 series ?

I would love to hear your oppinion on GeForce RTX 4060 cards and are they really worth it ? 

I have just watched Gamers Nexus on youtube and yeah... 

Do Not Buy: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB GPU Review & Benchmarks


  • They are a bit of a letdown when you compare the cost to the performance they deliver. However, they still serve as a good budget option in the new lineup if you need a new GPU and want to take advantage of the benefits offered by the new 4000 series. Just keep in mind that you won't achieve excellent results beyond 1080p resolution.

  • massive letdown unfortunately but then so have almost all of the 40-series cards below 4090 for various reasons.

    1) Price hasn't come back down since the crypto boom and shortages. Despite there being a massive oversupply in the gpu market now and very little demand for the cards priced as they are, GPU makers are still trying to keep the prices high.

    2) The performance increases just aren't there over the previous generation. People won't upgrade to a new card for 10-15% performance boost.

    3) VRAM is too limited this generation, wanting to keep a card more than 2 years before it is forced obsolete is pretty normal!

  • Well AMD are pitching a new card with 8GB RAM against the RTX4060 cards, so both of them see value in shipping low end hardware that will rely on DLSS and FSR respectively even now. Apparently there are 16GB variants coming from NVIDIA though so maybe hold off until they surface and see how they are priced before buying anything? The reason NVIDIA cards are still expensive is the cost of the new fabrication process, they have moved to a different fabricator who charge a lot more but also offer a much smaller die in return.

  • I won't be buying one or a laptop with a 4060 integrated. They don't seem worth it to me. They're only really worth it for a budget build, for someone who does very casual gaming and doesn't play demanding AAA games.

  • If you're coming from a 1060... then maybe they're worth it. They reslly did the dirty on the all cards but the 80 and 90 tbh. Most having less cores than before and despite faster memory, a crippled bit bus and bandwidth. I noticed AMD did the same as well. Makes no sense when the speed cannot make up for the lack of throughput.

    Basically they're selling efficiency with a small uplift in performance that is just bolstered by the new architecture utilising DLSS 3 and FG. If they didnt have those, they would be worthless.

    My honest opinion, after the backlash they have faced and plummenting sales, Id wait for next gen. Either the prices of the 40series will get slashed because no one is buying or the performance to price ratio of the 50 series might actually be worth it.

  • It isn't really worth to even look at it. But I mean we knew that already before. The performance to price ratio didn't even improve compared to the 3060 Ti. Power consumption came down, but that's it. I'm going to skip this gpu gen.

  • No. I'm at 1440p and the card is not well suited for this due to the small bus and the limited memory. They want you to pay for DLSS 3, but it can use up to 1 GB of VRAM, so this just makes the VRAM issues worse. It's also not very suited to go from unplayable to playable frame rates, because it doesn't help with input lag. I'm not going to pay such a high price for a card with these limitations.

  • We already know the price of the 16 GB 4060 Ti and it is way too pricey. The card will still be held back way too much by the limited bandwidth and small chip.

  • RTX 4070 is a totally scam

  • all of nvidia has been a letdown for a while now... I guess that happens to every brand once the marketing has established a "people will just buy our products whatever we do at this point" glorfication status.