Nvidia driver Debloat tool.

As the title suggests there is a debloat tool for Nvidia drivers called NVCleanInstall.

In all honesty it is very simple to use, I would link a video to a use and claims thing but there are many from different people claiming different things, but mainly a small increase in FPS and much better 1% lows and such. I mean who doesn't want less stutters? I'm not going to link a vid because there are plenty and well... I don't want to spend an hour watching vids to find one to post. Excuse the laziness here.

Thing is, I'm trying this on the 15ACH6H project and every time I use it, either the Lenovo software or something Nvidia does has stopped the laptop going over 80w despite control panel still saying its a 130w card. I may take to discord to see if any of the pros have any incite but I thought I would throw this out there as you can use it on desktop cards as well as laptops. The use of DDU is recommended for a nice clean install though.

If anyone tries this on their machine and has success I would love to see before and after numbers! 

  • I won't use Nvidia any longer if I can avoid it (easy if I have to pay the price of PC components by myself :D ) but jsut wanted to mention that  I really dislike how they store the executable of every single driverupdate somewhere hidden on the hdd and keep it foever. Some people might waste 20+ GB to that beavior.

  • Thanks for sharing Ragnaraz, I don't have a PC to test it on order to check my personal experience with the software. 

    I'll remember this post If I'll have the opportunity to test it.

    But I hope that there'll be more information about it in the future Fingers crossed tone1

  • Cool thanks Ragnaraz. I recently heard someone talking about that tool too and was going to look into it. I always do clean driver installs but even then I suspected a lot of leftovers from previous drivers and bloat in GeForce Experience in general (I know I shouldn't really use Experience anyway but I'm lazy too Slight smile)

  • So, I just tried it out and, without measuring it (yes, I know I should've taken benchmarks...), it doesn't really feel like there's too much of a difference. I've been playing Chernobylite, and my old Legion Y540 with its RTX 2060 isn't holding up amazingly well (relatively regular stutters on the highest settings, but still playable). I thought maybe doing the clean install and getting rid of GeForce Experience might make a bit of a difference, and technically maybe it has, but I wouldn't call it noticeable.

    Still, I don't really see the downsides of using this tool, and if it gets rid of the bloat, then I'm happy, so thanks for bringing attention to it.

  • C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\Downloader

  • I've been using it for around a year, no problems at all with it, it's a very nice tool.

  • On what machine and have you encountered any issues?

    I mean, using it isn't a problem, its just annoying that for some reason it limits the15ACH6H to 80w. Tis quite infuriating when you're trying to test out the benefits. 

  •   Doesnt DDU get rid of all that crap?

  • I never use or advocate using DDU for laptops with switchable graphics as it is known to cause problems with mux and power control (possibly what caused your new power limit)

    It's easy enough to clear that directory out anyway but both AMD and NVIDIA have their own cleanup tools bundled with their latest drivers that work perfectly well. I actually like keeping 3 versions of the driver just in case I have to roll back on the odd occasion there's a problem with the latest. I know that's getting on for 2.5GB but I'm not short of storage space.


    managed to get it working nicely, did some benches... annnnd snake oil. Hasn't changed anything really. I wondered if it would help a little with the lack of random crap Nvid does in the background but no... everything seems just the same.

    The vids touting improvements must either be very specific cases or artificial as hell.