Standing desks.

Keep wondering re standing desks. Are they any good or just really a novelty thing which you use for a period of time then tire of standing so end up keeping it as just a standard desk?

Any recommendations for them if you have for any would be appreciated. Thank you. 

  • I always wanted to try one but their price plus the chance that I most likely would lean on it when it's on standard/sitting size and it then instantly breaking keep me from starting this experiment.

  • Sometimes I stand up and use my normal desk standing if I have sat too long at a time, so I have on occasion thought about getting one but the cost is too high for what I want, they are all 600 euros+ which I'm not going to do without at least 50% off.

  • I agree with others that these desks cost a lot. But them being "good" depends on how would you use it. If you want to game with a mouse on a competitive level (climbing the ranked elo ladder) or do high precision work (design, for example), then sitting would give you more hand control, plus it's the comfort that lets you concentrate on the delicate movements. If you were gaming casually or working on something that doesn't need high precision, a standing desk would be alright. You could perfectly code, do video editing or play platformers.

    It also depends on your goals here, if your goal is to sit less, then a standing desk will easily move you towards your goal, but you'd have to weight the cons against the pros to decide whether it's good for you or not. If you had problems with standing for a long time due to some conditions, you won't find it comfortable to use a standing desk.

  • Ben has a standing desk in his stream room which is a very practical usage scenario for them and I'm aware of a few streamers that use them, especially the ones who play VR fairly often. It would be interesting to hear from them about longer term experience of living with them and if there are any maintenance or durability issues as well as the human aspect.

    The main concern would be cable management, you'd need extensions of course or much longer leads than normal on everything wired, and have them properly managed so they don't get snagged, pinched or cut through by the riser mechanism.

  • This may be a bit of a strange distinction, but I'd say standing desks are great for work, but I'd much prefer a comfortable chair for gaming.

    Honestly, though, I do find the standing desks to be pretty great. Working while standing does feel more ergonomic, and then most of them can also lower to a height where you can sit at the desk as well. Obviously if you have a huge gaming rig or setup, you'll want to be careful of weight, but that seems pretty obvious. I guess the main downside is the price - they're definitely not cheap!

  • I'm considering buying a standing desk, because I like to read while standing for an hour or two every day. However due to the high prices I'm still contemplating whether I actually need it. ;)

  • I've a classic desk now but I'll buy a standing desk as soon as possible because my current desk is to short.

    Is think mostly depends If you need extra high por your legs (because the keyboard steals some space from your legs).

    Overall I like the idea to have a choiceGrin

  • I would love to have an automated desk, so you can program an standing height and a seated height. I would go even further and add a treadmill to make it into a walking desk, so I can have a slow walk while I am working and it should help you work better. 

  • I haven't had one yet as I can't justify the cost when I already have a perfectly fine desk but I imagine it is just a fad like how sitting on those big exercise balls was all the rage years ago for being good for your back and core. I tried that and although it was perfectly doable I found myself hugging my desk more so I didn't have to balance as much consciously. It was, as you can imagine, much worse for my posture so I stopped Slight smile

  • I have been trying to get one myself for some time now, but they are very expensive, even the budget ones. I think they are great for casual activities such as reading, writing, web surfing, and casual gaming. However, I believe they wouldn't be suitable for hardcore gaming, especially on PC where precise mouse movement is crucial.