15ACH6H Part 2. Ram upgrade, GPU tuning and 3 game bench results.

Forza Horizon 5 High preset
Stock Avg Min Max GPU OC Avg Min Max OC+ RAM Avg Min Max
CPU Sim 180.43 159.86 199.13 185 163.9 204.2 227.8 208.5 244.9
CPU Render 126.1 107.8 146.63 134.2 115.5 157.2 138.3 119 158.9
GPU 141.36 115.7 165.8 154.3 126 181.9 150.6 125.3 174.1
Cyberpunk 2077
93 39.2 129.9 96.7 44.8 133.3 102.3 46.3 133.3

All tests done at FHD using the DGPU only. Borderlands was a little disappointing as it was a hassle getting it stable with the OC. Surprising it was less stable than Cyberpunk in all honesty, when I got it to run I went from an average of around 100fps in the bench to around 108fps after the tune and RAM kit. Although some metrics are a little pointless on FH5, you can clearly see where the RAM kit bolsters the CPU performance and CP2077 makes a few gains along the process. I also did Heaven benchmark, I didn't really want to do a table for that as due to being DX11 you see little gain in performance scores from the RAM, but you do see nice gains from the GPU tune. Heaven FPS went from 135.5 to 142.6 and the score on my settings went from 3403 to 3592. The game fps was taken from 3 runs and averages where made. I wish I had more space on the SSD to have run Hitman benches, being a spare and all my girl moved her bigger drive over to the Gen 7 so this was left with a 512gb drive. Oh well! I did find it a little odd that despite having more performance the average seemed a bit lumpy on the OC+ RAM on  FH5, it is however a different driver as I was trying the Debloat thing, so that may actually have thrown my results off. Forgive me for that, but I just realized and am in no mood to sit for a few hours doing all the benches again and also swapping the RAM kits back over. Should I get another chance at these kinds of comparisons, I will definitely bear that in mind. Gets boring waiting for RAM kits from China though....

I can't really relate this to other machines because who knows how your own GPU may react to tuning, I think this chip is a pretty decent bin in all honesty, I would have loved the 140w VBIOS to have been a straight affair, I think I could have pushed the VRAM a little harder and maybe added a small boost in frequency. Either way. This machine in this form seems to trade blows with the Gen 7 with the 6800H and 140w VBIOS oh and the DDR5, but maybe if the Gen 7 had the CL34 kit like my A15 that would push it further ahead, who knows!

Genuinely I wasn't sure what to expect from the 3060 as I haven't owned one. Both this machine and the Gen 7 are my girls. I won the Gen 7 literally a week after I won the 2022 A15 with the 3070, so I gave it to her as a boost over the Gen 6. That said, I would love to win the Gen 8 to stack it up against the Gen 7 and my 3070 A15 to see how good an 8GB 4060 is. Also how well it actually tunes too, and a good ol AMD vs Intel faceoff lol/ Enough of my waffle though. The idea of this was to try an squeeze as much out of the laptop in terms of performance as possible and keep it cool. Chances are CPU bound games and Benches like Cinebench would have got a little hike from that RAM and how it effects the CPU. Though, that doesn't translate to real world figures.


Although I was graced with a pretty good example of a 3060 in this machine and it OCs pretty nicely, the extra 10w would have helped more as would have being able to better tune the RAM timings and Ryzen specific clocks... Unfortunately that wasn't the case so my over all gains from the CL20 2Rx8 kit are actually more held up by the 3060 than the 5800H. Even with a nice steady OC, the GPU isn't stressing the CPU all that much unlike when I did these upgrades on my 140w 3070 laptop, where you could really see where the CPU bottleneck was lifted by the RAM itself.

If you have a Gen 6 with a 3070 however, I dare say this RAM kit and a nice GPU OC could see a nice uplift in performance. I can't say for sure on the Intel side, but I know Ryzen loves better memory. Next step would be the new screen, but considering the cost, that may take a little longer before the next update. 

Overall, I HAVE boosted performance and the laptop is much cooler too. Not a massive boost in performance, but should be smoother overall now, so I am happy with my messing.

  • Interesting, thanks for letting us know how it all went. It's a shame about the driver difference as it's not a clean comparison, especially when using a debloat tool for one and not the other because if the debloat tool claims are true, that could have had a bigger effect than just a normal driver update (although I'm always sceptical of those claims).

    The performance gain seems nice but I always wonder these days whether the risks and efforts of OCing and putting new kits in are worth it, as the performance gains in modern machines don't seem to be as big jumps as they used to be in machines 5/10+ years ago.

    Also... how do you keep winning so many devices? Joy I'm keen on a Gleam comp every now and then but nowhere near as lucky as you sound to be!

  • Well, even though the performance gains weren't that huge, he still mentioned that he managed to get it running much cooler. This makes it a big difference because he's got double advantage - cooler device with stronger performances.

     I was just wondering, what were the resolutions you tested it with? If it was 1440p you mentioned in the other thread, then this thing is a beast. Laughing

  • Oh alas, the debloat didnt change a thing. Not even lows so it was a wasted venture. It was just a more recent driver that the one I tested with originally.

    I did find I got a big jump in performance when I OC'd my 3070 and hooked my 6800H up with CL34 DDR5 too. Ryzen CPUs do get a nice boost from better memory, so if you have a high end GPU, its worth getting the best memory you can. That said, I do agree, these days things are near max clocks from factory.

    I was lucky when I won the Gen 7 here, the A15 was won from Gaming Loot. Spent 9quid on a ticket. When the guy phoned to tell me I won I thought he was trying to scam me, I'd forgotten I'd even bought a ticket lmao.

  • It was the stock FHD screen, I havent gotten around to getting the new screen yet. It's around £120 for the QHD screen delivered, a fair amount when I have a few other bits I need to pay for. I just hope the screens are still in stock when I can chuck money at it.

    All tests were FHD, I should I put that, I'll update it while it's on my mind. Heck, if it could do that at QHD that would be one hell of a result Rofl

  • I got 10% performance boost when I switched my RAM from 16GB single rank as supplied to 32GB dual rank, so it is well worth seeking out dual rank if anyone is considering upgrading their 2021 Ryzen based Legion laptop. I did share the figures on discord but all that got deleted as it was in the former #tech section. I no longer have the comparison screenshots stored locally or Id' share them again.

    The RAM is nothing fancy, just standard Samsung DDR4-3200 SODIMM at CL22 still but the extra rank of chips per stick really aids the Ryzen memory controllers

  • Nice result and with the laptop being cooler as well, there's really no downside to it!

  • Nice. I’m so glad that Lenovo vantage is so easy to use. I don’t want to fiddle with stuff I don’t know. Bios, hardware clocking so on. All respect to you 

  • I didn't used to know how to do it properly, but Youtube and forum surfing helped me learn a lot.

    For most people it can seem daunting, but undervolting and OCing your GPU unleashes the full performance of the card. For example most GPUs boost pretty high when they're not doing anything that requires much, like loading screens, but then when you get into the game the boost clock drops massively because you hit the power limit and it can't sustain it. When you undervolt it  you're using less power, so after tuning it properly you can stably use what was your rare boost clock, all the time andnit wont flutter ss much and it runs cooler.

    A lot is silicon lottery, but you should still be able to lower voltages and maintain performance.

  • Shame about the debloat tool's uselessness... but cool to see that you got results overall. The cooling effect should lengthen the laptop's life anyway, so even if the performance gains had been smaller, I'd say that's a win.

    Lol can't believe you won those two devices in a row like that. That is some serious luck!

  • Really interesting results! I have now had a chance to undervolt and overclock my legion 5i Pro and let me tell you I am impressed. Managed to get the temps down a fair amount on the 3060 gpu and keep up the good performance numbers! CPU was sadly an H-series so locked off against any kinds of changes but still happy with the results!