Whats best PC.. Assembled or Pre-configured for gaming?

Whats best PC .. Assembled or Pre-configured for gaming?

  • These days, there isn't a heck of a lot of difference in price between pre-built and self assembly. So it really comes down to the satisfaction of choosing your own components and building a system OR the ready to play straight out of the box experience prebuilt offers.

    Then of course prebuilts are fully tested before shipping and come with manufacturer support, whereas if you self build YOU alone are the support

    Personally I prefer self building because of the freedom of choices but it's part of my day job anyway so I can practically do it in my sleep

  • If had any time assembled. But pre-config will always suffice

  • It doesn't matter which one you pick. Preconfigured just gives you a safe option where everything fits together and works just like it would be with a self-assembled pc. If you aren't tech-savvy then it's an easy choice but if you know what components and brands you want to use you should go with self-assembled as it gives you more freedom over your build for minimal cost difference or even cheaper if you factor in building cost!

  • Yeah i think a few years ago assembled probably narrowly run that by being cheaper, however now there's not much price difference there's not really much spec difference either between the two

  • Not sure what’s best. But I prefer to buy brand pc ( Lenovo. Msi, asus so on ) from shop. If something is wrong I can physically go to the store, not send it to the web shop. 

  • I like Pre-configured because you know it all works together and the drivers work for the components. Assembled I would hate is one of the components gets faulty and a not so good company claims you did the damage yourself even when the warranty normally will cover it. 

  • Assembled obviously gives you the freedom to really deck out your machine, but you have to be pretty careful with compatibility and also just the procedure of putting it together. If I were more of a gearhead, I'd love to assemble my own PC, but at this point I don't have the time or skills to do so, so I'll just buy the pre-configured gaming PCs. So far, after investing in 2 of those over the past several years, I have not been disappointed. Hurrah for Legion PCs!

  • It really depends on your budget and what you want to use the PC for. I normally opt to build my own if the prices of parts are reasonable. Building my own I can get cases that meet my taste and put cooling in that goes beyond what most prebuilds have. You can find some very good deals for prebuilds.

  • That all depends on what you can or are willing to pay.

    There are a few vendors who work with professional overclockers that will build you a custom rig, use binned parts and give you an out of box best case stable overclock with great temps. Unless you really know what you're doing, good luck replicating 8pack. That said, sometimes it can be considerably cheaper to take your time over a few months and snag parts in sales and build it yourself.

    In terms of specifics, "best" would be a specially binned pre built from an overclocker. But you can pay 2x the amount because of binned parts, custom watercooling and unique bits as well as the time spent developing the OC for that system.