Gaming on Super Ultrawide

I am considering purchasing the 49" Samsung G9 monitor but I'm not sure how well the Legion 5 RTX3070 will handle the ultrawide resolution. I'm thinking perhaps Forza 4, Death Stranding, Far Cry 4 and maybe stretching it to Cyberpunk. 

Is there anyone with similar set up? I find 34" is a bit small at the moment. 

  • I'm using the Lenovo G34W on a 3080 and it works really nicely. Playing Horizon Zero Dawn at the moment and it stretches out beautifully during game play then does a sort of blurred bars on the side during cutscenes which isn't as distracting as I thought it would be. 

    3070 should be fine,and even better I think most or all of those you mention have DLSS which will help with the performance (not sure about Far cry though).