Metal Gear Solid Delta

Hey all! 

Any MGS fans here? Anyone excited about the remake of one of the best metal gears in the franchise (MGS3!!)?
Besides an announcement trailer there's not much else known about it. 

And it's the first MGS without Kojima... (Not counting the zombie one after MGS V).

  • If its a true remake and they spare no effort bringing it up to date and maybe add a weapon and base builder that MGSV had. Ill be looking to play it. 

  • YES! Love MGS (well, I can't claim to have played them all, but those that I have were amazing)! I do enjoy a good remake, but part of me wishes the studios would stop simply remaking games and get on with the series... I guess that's a bit harder in this case without Hideo Kojima.

    Curious to see if they'll really reinvent the game or stick mostly to the original since it was such a classic.

  • Yeah, I totally agree with the remakes. The nostalgic part of me really wants remakes forever but the realist part wants new cool games. Would love to have the same feeling I had when I played MGS for the first time but with a completely new game. 

  • First in-engine trailer has been released:
    They don't show too much but it looks like an exact replica of the original game only with better graphics. 

  • I've only played the 5th one. Phantom Pain was it?
    It's an amazing game at least on a gameplay level but the story was lacking. Would you recommend this one?

  • Yeah, Phantom Pain. I think the game had some issues because Hideo Kojima was in some sort of disagreement with Konami. He then eventually left the company. That's why the game is "unfinished".
    My favourite is the original MGS. MGS3 is a close second so I would say it's definitely worth to play it.

  • Thanks!
    I've noticed that Konami released Metal Gear Solid - Master Collection. It has all the games in the series it seems.
    Will probably buy it.

  • From the recent reviews it doesn't seem like a great buy. At least for now. There are loads of issues.
    I would wait for a few months to see if those are sorted.

  • Just saw the trailer a couple days ago and it looks really good. Cant wait to play it. 

  • My favorite MGS was Snake Eater so I hope they do it justice. I am very interested in a 1:1 remake with modern graphics or if they have to make changes at least I hope it's minor stuff that doesn't really matter and won't affect anything. So far I am optimistic about it but will wait for reviews of course.