Who is for you the "Ryan Gosling" of videogames?

In the gaming world, many popular titles rely on different factors for their success, one of them being the presence of significant characters. Whether they are charismatic, badass, funny or simply with a strong personality, it is undeniable that in the rich history of videogames we witnessed the birth of numerous iconic characters, also thanks to talented writers and voice actors behind them.
Hence the idea for my question to you, Legion community. By referring to the popular meme involving Ryan Gosling, which many internet users claim to find relatable (therefore commenting with the viral line "he is literally me"), I ask you this:

In my case, I would say that Nathan Drake (Uncharted saga) is literally me. I mean, he is very charismatic and funny, he can defeat entire mercenary armies like I usually do in the weekends, he does treasure hunting for a living...

... Actually, I wish I were him.

Anyway I am curious of what you are going to answer. Batman from the Arkham series? Ellie or Joel from TLOU? Arthur Morgan from RDR2?

  • Desmond Miles from Assassin's Creed was relatable in an odd way for me when the OG Assassin's Creed came out. I was going through a lot of life changing circumstances at the time and confined to the house while I healed from major surgery. So kind of like him I was imprisoned and used the game to 'escape' from the present. He also semi-resembled me at the time physically and vocally. Combine that with very strong meds and bingo, perfect combination of circumstances where I actually began to believe I was in the game for a while.

  • I do not really have one that I have emerged myself so much into that I would say He or She is literally me (or like me). Even through I have played many different games, I feel more like the Operator type and not someone special named character.    

  • I don't have one that I think is me or one I wish I was. 

  • Don't think I've ever related to my character or characters in games but Arthur Morgan the Honourable Rouge, Sam Fisher, Cloud Strife are all iconic characters for me and really got me invested in the game play and the story.

  • I don't really relate to video game characters that way. I'm more looking for interesting characters and situations, rather than identifying myself with a character.

  • Crash bandicoot Smiley

    In all honesty I don't have an answer for this. Was trying really hard to think of a character but nothing came to mind.
    There are a bunch of cool characters but I've never identified with any.

  • I'm not sure anything really fits but I'll go with Commander Sheppard since you can literally choose all their actions in the trilogy and shape the character's personality and moral code as you wish.

  • Hmmm, generally I play games to get away from reality rather than to see my self in that world.

    Once upon a time I did liken myself to Link and characters like him. Maybe Squall from FF8 mainly because I was socially awkward a lot and never really liked people that much, yet behind that was a pretty caring guy. I was always up for adventure too. I miss the guy I used to be in all honesty.

  • I'm gonna go with a baddie and choose Arthas from Warcraft III. Prince turned into evil death knight. I feel like I'd be completely lulled to the dark side if I found an incredibly powerful artifact as well. Not sure about the whole patricide thing, as that's some next level horribleness, but Arthas feels like a complex character who tried to do the right thing and ended up in a situation beyond his control which warped his character. Not saying I've been through any super traumatic situation, but I can relate to the struggle of trying to do good and constantly getting stymied. Sweat smile

  • Probably Kirby. Like to eat, like to sleep and an interruption of my daily life might anger me. Also a rather positive person imo.