Any new good strategies?

I am "the old school" PC player Slight smile, so old school question. There is any good new strategies around (RTS or turn based) apart of Total war, Civ and Age of Empires series? Maybe something from small independent studio? I an fancy to try something different. Thanks. 

  • Planetary Annihilation is a pretty fun RTS with some unique aspects to it, you can battle across planets and even build rockets onto the side of a planet to launch one planet into another planet to destroy it and anything on the planet

  • Hi Peter! Love this question - I too am a big strategy fan of yesteryear!

    If you're looking for something on a grand scale in the 4X department, have you checked out the Endless series? There's Endless Legend, essentially Civ but in a magic/fantasy setting, and Endless Space 1 & 2 which is an extremely deep and complex 4X set in, uh... space!  I'd recommend starting with Endless Legend, as Endless Space has SUCH a steep learning curve...

    If you want something really new (and I mean, releases TODAY kind of new), there's Humankind, another 4X title that is VERY comparable to the Civ series - it's generating a lot of buzz on social Media/Twitch.

    Finally, if we are looking more into the RTS side of things, check out Northgard: a Viking-based RTS with some intriguing zonal capture and seasonal resource management mechanics. 

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi Daniel. I've heard about Endless Legend it looks similar to my favorite Age of Wonders series. Other games sound interesting too. Thank you.I will look up them. 

  • Have you every tried the "Anno" series? Some games are really good. At least it's perfect for an old school player like me. ;)