Which game you used to play when u was a child?

I remember when i was in kinder the tarzan or jimmy neutron game, and when i grew up i noticed that it's on steam, so i replay with my littlebrothers and cousins too. On the other hand it's nostalgic to play remakes like Resident evil, Crash and Spyro on PC, ¨cos the new generation have the opportunity to play that good and old games :D.

  • We had things like zool, james pond and frogger on the amiga, you can probably work out my rough age from that lol. Then when I was a bit older we got an N64 and played a lot of diddy kong racing and james bond goldeneye.

  • I used to play Manic Miner on the ZX Spectrum when I was a young teen so you can probably guess my age too. Other favourites were Skool Daze, Chuckie Egg and Lode Runner. Could never afford an Atari ST or Amiga although they did look amazing back in the day. I was always jealous of my friends Commodore 64 too. We did have a Binatone with Tennis and Football (Basically a couple of lines and a small white square bouncing around the screen) when I was realy young but I think my first proper video game was a Nintendo Game and Watch with Mickey Mouse catching eggs.

    Since then I have tried to get most of the different systems but did miss out on a few. Golden Eye and Mario Karts were ground breaking on the N64 the first Playstaion was amazing with Resident Evil and the original Gran Turismo. Lots of great games on all systems since then too.

  • Is cool to remember that Tarzan game... and the Hercules one before that. But I for one started with Dyna Blaster, Supaplex and The Lost Vikings :)

  • Nice!

    I also played Jimmy Neutron on Gameboy Advance SP!

    However, my best childhood memories are with Lego Star Wars Games on GameCube and PS2. I'm so hyped for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga !

  • I used to play pokemon and mario on my nitendo ,it was the best times  now all there is tryhard and toxicity...

  • When I was little my dad had installed wolfensten enemy territory onto the pc that we had and whenever he wasn’t playing it I would hop on and give it a go. Probably my earliest memory of me gaming and what sparked me into chasing a career in making them Slight smile