Counter-Strike 2 is out and replaces CS:GO

Counter-Strike 2 went live this week and not everyone is happy that it has replaced CS:GO.  It is supposedly an 'upgrade' but there are many aspects of the game that have been changed and the system requirements are greater.

  • It'll still run on decade old hardware as long as the GPU has 2GB or above VRAM and the system has 8GB RAM which compared to some recent releases that's quite forgiving but also questionable, as who would want to play at maximum 60fps in an online shooter these days where low FPS and high latency can hinder any chance you have of competing?

    I understand Valve turned off the CS:GO servers which went down like a lead balloon among the established user base. I think they are trying to entice a new generation of players who want better visuals than the original engine could provide.

    There are various hardware recommendations for more competitive FPS counts in CS2, the general view seems to be hardware from 2018 or newer - multi-core CPU from Intel or AMD, a GPU with 8GB VRAM. One site recommended RTX 3060 or AMD RX6600 minimum but I think that's not entirely necessary, GTX10 series 8GB or AMD RX580 8GB cards should be good too and 16GB system RAM

    This is the most comprehensive breakdown of performance across different GPU in the game that I've come across - Counter-Strike 2 Performance Review - 40 GPUs Tested | TechPowerUp

  • Yes it is a bit higher in system requirements, but still has a vide range of GPU that can run it. I really like the testing Gamers Nexus has done (link below) and much has become better, just still seeing frame times spikes, but that is over all kinds of GPUs. 

    Counter-Strike 2 GPU Benchmarks & Comparison: NVIDIA, AMD, & Intel Tested 

  • I've played the new CS2 last week and it run fine.
    The graphics seem improved but not majorly. At least It still feels like I'm playing the old CS:GO. Maybe that was the main objective.

  • It's a bit of a weird upgrade that seems mostly the same, but with higher graphics quality. They also completely replaced the old game, even keeping the same reviews in the Steam store.

    I wonder what the impact is on poor gamers, especially in countries where hardware is very expensive compared to their salaries. It seems to me that CS:GO was a way for them to have fun with a potato PC.

  • The upgraded requirements is a thing but the game still runs well on almost everything, maybe it won't run as well on 2010 systems though I'm not sure how many people play on that level of hardware anymore. What I didn't like about it is how they are basically forcing people to move on even if they don't want to. I understand there's reasons they want to move away from the old source engine because the new one is more modern and sustainable but I can't really approve not giving people much of a choice.

  • CS:GO has been such a staple for years now its a shame they shelved it instead of let it be. The product worked but I guess it felt a little dated. 

  • If they kept both fans would most likely stick with CS:GO and all the effort would have been for nothing. Like this they probably want to draw in a new player base with upgraded graphics and a "new" name, while moving core fan base along for marketing purposes.
    Sooner or later all the complaints will disappear anyway and players will still play it, it's CS after all.

  • It felt that they renamed CS:GO to CS2 and gave it a makeup.
    To me the game seems exactly the same but with slightly better graphics

  • The fact that the new game has higher system requirements and some gameplay adjustments def adds to the uncertainty. It's like stepping into unfamiliar territory. Also, I've been thinking about what this means for my CS:GO skins collection. IMO, exploring csgo skins instant sell options might be a good way to adapt and maybe even discover some new gems along the way.

  • Oh come on! CS:GO is old now... it's not such a groundbreaking thing that they released a new iteration and changed a few things - that's what happens with any successful series. I get the purists - I would still play the original Half-Life mods if given a chance, but I'm not gonna throw a fit because a new version of CS came out. About time, I'd say.