Well, my luck wasn't that great.

I was fortunate enough to win a 2022 A15 6800H with a 140w RTX3070. Solid machine or so I thought.

It was a bit of good luck, but was RMA'd on 2 occasions. First for excessive bleed on the panel and it was being pinched. Second because when it came back from the terrible service center (letmerepair) it suffered a permanent battery drain. When I gotnit back the second time the OS was corrupted and had to sort itself out after an immediate BSOD.

A few days ago I had noticed temps creeping on the CPU. HWinfo had been displaying lower turbo frequency (used to be all cores could hit 4.7ghz now only a couple could get close) and the voltages had gone from 1.4v maybe 1.430v all the way to 1.485v. That doesn't sound like much but in CPU speak it is.

Long story short, I checked up on TIMs, reapplied very carefully. Rebuilt it and it was dead. Like absolutely nothing not even an attempted start, no lights no charge. 

Assumed maybe something clipped the power rail. I am excessively paranoid about what touches what, battery is the first thing removed blah blah. Contacted a laptop board specialist, he did all sorts of tests observed all kinds of strange behaviours none of which made sense but it seems the CPU suicided.

So ya. Absolute terrible timing but my only machine has just died and there's a very slim chance of a replacement motherboard. I am seriously contemplating trying to wrangle a deal on a Legion pro 7 tbh. That or a Strix G16. Will see what I can do later on and what deals can be found as it has hit at a crappy time of year for Birthdays and Christmas.

Just after I defended the TUF line up... mine blows up. The irony ehh?

  • Sorry to hear that. Did you abuse your engine or did it just happen during normal usage? 

    With Cyberweek approaching in a couple of weeks, you may find a good deal.

  • The machine was very well looked after, only damaged by the ASUS RMA center. It was always on a cooler, it had been reworked with conductonaut extreme and the temps were amazing. Then the frequency started dropping, voltage started rising, carefully checked it over and rebuilt it. No sparks, no shorts nothing popped, just died. Specialist said CPU is dead. Said it could have been the LM, thing is I soaked everything any where near it with 2 coats of conformal coating. Even if there was a spill event, there was the coating and solid barriers in place.

    The was pretty confused himself.

  • Oh sorry for you CPU lose. All started bad with tue panel bleed:/

    Unfortunately sometimes is just bad luck, after all in every mass production there's always a malfunction if some kind. 

    I hope you'll find a good deal for a Legion 7 Pro Fingers crossed

  • Oh, okay, I understand. So sorry man. I wish you good look at trying to replace it.

  • That's a real shame, sounds like compounded issues. Nightmare situation. I hope you find a decent alternative soon. 

    I'd be happy If Lenovo takes a leaf out of frameworks approach and offers more modularity giving a longer lifetime out of the machines and repairability/ sustainability which is getting more important.

  • Darn, that's bad luck. Hope that your next laptop will work out better!

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    I wish, I mean there have been modular laptops with sockets and such. Thing is they are a far cry from macbooks so muppets cry its more than 2kg in weight. Second major thing is profit.

    If you could buy a low end modular AM5 machine with PCIE gen 5. You could swap that CPU out any time to anything compatible, great for you and AMD/Intel bad for the OEM that sold you the laptop, next thing you might buy is a MXM GPU like the old Alienware used to use. They binned the idea because it stops people paying more on a whole new machine.