Best monitor on a budget

Looking to get a first monitor, will be partially used for gaming so definitely want some form of decent quality, but looking for mid priced ones. What brands am i best looking at for reliability and price?

  • AOC, LG, Lenovo, Philips, HP and Dell are all decent for quality reliable panels in no particular order or preference. They are the main ones I use and supply, I've never had any complaints or issues stemming from them and all have mid priced options available with high frequency FreeSync Premium and IPS. It depends really what resolution and screen size you are after too as to which will fit into your budget range

  • I would setup alerts on the deal sites and look at the community feedback + research the model listed. You need to settle on a size/ format/ resolution and budget. The brands mentioned by AntiKytherA are reputable its also worth looking at Samsung and illyama. 

  • I would choose Samsung Lenovo because there are some of the amazing monitors and it's mid ranged 

  • I would suggest, anything from LG, Asus or Lenovo I've had zero issues with any of these and all great panels. I've had a few issues with a previous Samsung, just down to the Bezel button being temperamental and it is a common fault I didnt know about until after. Depending on your budget, set up some alerts and keep an eye for any black Friday deals 

  • I would advise against simply trusting brands. Any brand makes lemons sometimes. So I would look at reviews. Monitors Unboxed does a pretty good job at doing reviews.

    Keep in mind that quality is extremely subjective. Some people really like things like proper blacks and HDR, while others don't. Some people are really sensitive to smearing, others are not. This can also heavily depend on what games you play. If you play FPS's all day, you won't use the monitor the same way than if you play games like Baldur's Gate or MS Flight Simulator.

    So you really need to figure out what things are important to you (including things like the size, whether you want widescreen, the desired resolution and refresh rate). Note that most of these will also have an impact on what level of GPU you need.

    I personally think that the current sweet spot for gaming is a high refresh rate 1440p screen. For the more budget oriented, both VA and IPS panels are very good nowadays and quite cheap. Although the cheaper you go, the more features you have to go without, but you won't necessarily miss them.

    Note that hunting for deals can pay off big time. I bought a Dell S2722DGM for 160 euros, which currently sells for 300 euros. So I got it for almost half price, which of course makes a huge difference when it comes to price/performance.

  • In order to get actionable advice you need to tell us what you'll use it for, your budget, any necessary requirements, etc. You mention gaming, what's your GPU and what kind of games?

    Some general recommendations, 1080p: AOC 24G2SPU 1440p: LG 27GP850 4K: Gigabyte M28U

    These are generally good monitors but if you give us more info we can recommend something better suited to your needs.

  • Totally this! Couldn't say it better.
    Looking at reviews is a must. I had a couple of bad experiences when I just went with known brands instead of looking at reviews. Brands do mess up :D

  • It all depends on what you're looking for.

    I spent weeks going through monitor reviews and checking RTings to see which monitors are good for what. Find a set of things you want from it, search online for prices andnthen check them out on RTings.

    Keep an eye out on Lenovos store too, they do some sweet flash sales. I got my girl a QHD screen for 250 when itnshould have been around 400.

  • It really depends too on the tier of the monitor chosen, all of them have entry level screens that are garbage for anything other than basic web browsing or office application usage. What you have to look out for are the ratings for colour gamut like how much percentage sRGB and nowadays DCI-P3 the screen can reproduce because the higher those values are, typically the panel is much more immersive for visual and gaming content as well as for usage with creative work.

    DCI-P3 is to high dynamic range (HDR) content what sRGB is to the normal colour reproduction for web content