Worried about MS acquiring Activision?

With Microsoft having gotten permission to acquire Activision, are you worried about it? Microsoft does want to get everyone to get a subscription, which I'm not keen on, also because if they get people locked in, also with exclusives, they can then gradually raise the price.

Also, as we've seen with Disney, having a ton of IP in the hands of one big organisation runs the risk of running all of it into the ground, when the leadership of the big organisation loses its way. MS is already not doing so well with lots of poor releases. In fact, this acquisition itself is a bit of a red flag. Why is MS buying something that is already very successful instead of finding success with what they already have, like Halo? It suggests that they don't have a lot of confidence in their ability to create successful games unless someone else made it successful for them.

So how do you feel about it?

  • Microsoft cant produce their own hit IP. So they go out and purchase the popular franchises to make the Xbox platform more appealing. I'd expect some narrowing and exclusivity. Possibly the older games franchises they will intend to revive to cash in on nostalgia. 

  • I don't like it, I don't like consolidation in general as it continues this cycle of all the things in the world tending towards the fewest people. On the gaming front I'm not too worried as I don't play activision games anyway but I can only see it being a negative thing for those who do. and for the industry.

  • MS has bought and destroyed several studios over the years. Hell, in the court case they even stsrted crying about Nintendo. Then keep trying to buy them. Likely because instead of just throwing money at something and claiming its the best, they go out of their way to innovate, only release games when they're actually ready. A few simple things, but Nintendo nail it.

    MS are just greedy corpo nobheads, their endgame is to isolate everything to their platform and force gamepass sales.

  • Hmmm I'm not too sure on this, I know peoole look at it as console wars etc, but I use my pc for xbox games and then PlayStation for PS titles. But as you have stated, they will then have the Monopoly on the price and also as you have said, they just want to aquire studios, instead of producing their own great content which they did for many years before PS5 

  • I'm not particularly bothered about this as long as it doesn't affect what is released to Steam too much which is my preferred platform for game purchases because they don't mess around with DRM protection to much like MS do with Xbox Games. Game prices have gone north on all platforms recently anyway to the point they are pretty much forcing users onto subscription plans because it is now becoming cheaper to pay each month to access any game rather than spend £70-99 on single games a couple of times a year if you cannot wait to play the latest titles.

  • I'm not sure on this. Not super excited as I like a bit of diversity and competition. If is all under the same company all ends up being the same and usually not that great.
    Starfield is one example. A massive game, triple A studio, Microsoft investing on it and it ended up being a bland mess.
    But we'll have to see how things end up.

  • Not happy about it!
    I don't like consolidation and I don't think MS will help them build better games.

  • I don't like it, because I don't see any positive impulse coming from this. But I'm in general not a big fan of microsoft, so my judgement might be biased.

  • I am hoping that MS can clean up what was going on internally in Activision and they on the other hand can bring some creativity to MS product IP, if there are any of the real creative people left in Activision. I am worried about that too many of the real creatives have already left or planning on leaving so MS only get a lot of IPs and not any real productive capacity to make great new IPs 

  • So what are the Activision IPs that could "take a hit"?

    Activision has a history with company mergers/sells so it should be fine in protecting its IPs.

    Other than that, MS purchasing things left and is a questionable decision, but they must have some reasons behind it.