Rumors about Nvidia 4000 SUPER series

So yesterday I saw this:

And today I saw this:

Looks like we might be getting some refreshed SKUs for this gen, considering previous rumors talked about the 5000 series being pushed back to 2025 I think it's very likely that we'll be getting at least SOMETHING until then, and hopefully that something will help fix how bad this generation has been, especially the pricing.

No word yet on any SUPER models below 4070 which sucks because the weakest cards of the new gen are in that 4060 tier, they are really bad offerings for their price and desperately need a refresh but they are also newer so the refresh may come later. Also unknown what is going to happen to already existing models, some may get discontinued, some may get price cuts, who knows. Right now I'd say it's definitely something to consider if you're planning a build or upgrade over the winter, and more info will come out soon.

  • NVIDIA should concentrate on fixing the power cable once and for all instead of bumping the GPU range, there are still melting cables being reported despite the revisions to plugs and cables which were supposed to reduce the risk of bad connections due to ill fitting or forcibly cables at right angles to the connectors.

    Technically 4070 and below don't even need the new 12+4 pin lead anyway, they can run off a single 8-pin as evidenced by MSI Ventus GPU

    Given the 12+4 pin was developed by both Intel and NVIDIA it's telling that Intel have not adopted it themselves yet

  • I am interested to see what they do, mainly from pricing.

    Beforehand the super range normally replaced the standard card and kept that price and the TI models were the premium. Super was a tasty refresh really.

    My main worry is if they do bring it in, and it does keep the same price and replace the standard model. Will they do it in the laptop space too? I mean I would be pretty annoyed if I bought a laptop for a version for the same price with 10% more capability came out.

  • I'm super happy there are rumours tbh.. I want to upgrade to a new gaming laptop but don't wanna pay £2000 for one. So 4060 and 4070 are great in terms of performance but like hell I'm buying when they only have 8GB of VRAM. Fingers crossed they double it in december or Jan with the new models

  • I agree on that, the power cable was quite concerning (specially for the durability of the card).

    An upgrade Is always welcome but I'm afraid is going to be another struggle (talking about availability and product price)

  • The problem with chucking more VRAM at an existing GPU which is restricted by the memory bandwidth has been evidenced by the very much maligned 16GB 4060ti desktop cards that were released silently due to the fact they are identical to the 8GB version in every other aspect. So unless they bring out something actually able to utilise more VRAM then the same mistake will happen again, you really can't polish a turd. NVIDIA should never have given in to consumer demands to release that 16GB version, at it did was come back to bite them.

  • A lot of people missed the fact they just used higher capacity modules. Nvidia start moaning when a random company started modding 3070 cards with double RAM capacity too. At least they had the bus to begin with though.

  • Yeah the new connector was a failure, it is unnecessary and only brings problems, besides, we shouldn't be championing GPUs that consume the same electricity as a mini space heater. I hope next gen they will just go back to the normal connectors we've been using all along, at least for the non-ridiculous SKUs.

  • I wouldn't get your hope up too much. I expect them to improve the price/performance a bit, but it won't suddenly be great value.

    It seems that the 4080 is selling extremely poorly, with people preferring either the 4090 or the AMD cards instead. Their stated goal is to sell their cards for a really high average price, so they will probably primarily improve the value of the 4080 Super and 4070 Super, to get more people to buy these expensive cards. But even a better value 4080 is still going to be very expensive.

    I can see them essentially replace the 4060 Ti with a cheaper and slightly slower 4070, because the 4060 Ti is a horrible card.

  • They're all grossly overpriced this generation.

    It's pretty disappointing in all honesty, greed and the corpos bleeding consumers for shareholders is an absolute crock. But if you wanna game... you gotta buy. I do believe both Nvid and AMD have been stung by a lack of sales this time.

    Hopefully Intel drop Battlemage at a great price and make them both sweat.

  • I agree they need to sort this mess out otherwise it'll burn confidence in their product. if it survives into another generation then that will not be forgiven.