State of games

I feel like the quality of game development has been in steady decline all throughout 2023. Demonstrated by many releases, most recently Cities: Skylines 2, the performance is often horrible even on high end cards that are ridiculously overpriced to begin with. The only saving grace is usually DLSS/FSR, which was introduced as a way to boost framerates but is now quickly becoming critical in making the game playable in the first place.

It feels like developers are becoming lazy and that people not able to pay up 1000+ for a new Gen graphics card will simply not be able to enjoy the latest AAA games anymore, no matter what settings and fidelity you intend to play at. This saddens me as PC gamin has always been relatively affordable and available to almost all people, as long as you're willing to compromise somewhat on your settings.

Is this the future? Will it become better again? Get even worse? What are your thoughts on this?

  • I agree.

    They end up poorly optimised and incomplete. Just be careful how you word things, I have said similar but less sugar coated and offended a few locals Rofl

  • I believe this will continue to be a trend so long as there's still enough of a preorder audience available. By preordering these games that continuously have a track record of being unfinished or poorly made, it's allowing the behavior to continue. Just need to stop feeding the source of the troubles and they'll change.

  • I think that this is a combination of factors:

    1. Chip prices increasing per mm2 means that price/performance is not improving as fast

    2. New engine tech (Unreal 5 engine) means that developers are spending lots of time on getting to know the new engine and don't yet use it well or have time to optimize. This is in contrast to the old Unreal 4 engine, which they know in and out, and can get the most out of. UE 4 is also better optimized than UE 5.

    3. GPU companies having gotten used to high margins during the mining boom and COVID years

    The first factor probably won't get better and might get worse as chip makers have to move to a fundamentally different way of making chips starting with the 2 nm nodes. The second factor should improve over time. The last factor is hampered by the AI boom. The GPU companies simply don't care that much about gaming sales anymore. Perhaps Intel will change that if they can produce a compelling next gen GPU (or next next gen). Intel needs a new cash cow because they lost their dominance in server and desktop CPUs.

  • While I'm not a wizard I think it'll get better, the current market situation creates a need for better performance/$, eventually someone will come to satisfy the need because that's how corporations make money. It is unreasonable to ask people to pay four figures just to have something playable, while everything normal-priced performs below expectations. The bad performance is a result of a mixture of the transition towards new technologies, games being made for a new console generation and some bafflingly bad products from GPU manufacturers.

    Basically, I see the current situation as unsustainable, either the industry changes tune or PC gaming will slowly wither.

  • Indeed, that was an experience but yes there's a pattern developing and not in a good way for end users regardless of what the self-declared professionals would like us to believe. Relying on upscaling and fake frame generation with even the top end hardware doesn't seem to register with the game developers that they are doing something that end users will take umbrage with?

    The classic statement 'its is optimised, you need a better pc' from the Starfield developer about summed up the current mentality though unfortunately (albeit they are from Bethesda who always release games that fans 'fix' after the event for them)

  • Pretty much, about the only Bethesda game I can think of that wasnt turdnado at launch is Doom and Doom Eternal.

    Considering some top end machines cannoy run these games shows just how poorly they are optimised and configured.

  • I'm not saying you are wrong, but since it takes quite some time to develop a game, I don't think that we are able to make out a declining trend in game development so far.

  • Sadly I have to agree with you, after getting a good look at Cities: Skylines 2 I am surprised that stuff that was in Cities: Skylines really feel more bad, and really have to wonder if they have had to start over or why it is lover quality. It should be better with new graphics card.

    At the same time there is a lot of controversy about CA and Total War: Warhammer where the quality also seems to have gone down hill. I hope their next DLC(s)  will change that, because the last one was weak.  

  • I really hope it's not the future, there has been too many games I've been hyped for and the story has looked amazing.. then it's just been a total let down 

  • Sadly I think this might be the future.
    And it seems to be happening everywhere. Not only in gaming. Even movies and tv-shows seem to lack quality when compared to other years