Epic Games or Steam? Or both? :D

Since I've joined this community that I've noticed quite a few threads related with free games offered on Epic Games.
I assume this might be a marketing strategy to try and build up their market share.

Personally I've always used Steam. Seems nicer overall. And I do have all my games there.

What about you guys? What do you use? Any preferences?

  • I use both!
    Obviously Steam because it's the one I've always had.
    And Epic Games because they've offered plenty of amazing games that it was hard to refuse.

  • I second that. I only use Epic if I can't find the game I want on Steam or if they have a special offer. Otherwise it makes no sense to me to use two different platforms.

  • At present I'm using Steam primarily, Ubisoft Connect, EA App, GOG, Xbox Games for a couple of months until the trial runs out in December.

    Of them all, I much prefer Steam and the way the UI works with regards game management and transferring across machines on the local network, streaming from one machine to another, making easy backups which is essential for games that get removed or even removed AND renamed 'not available' *cough* Only Up! *cough*

  • I have Steam, GoG and Epic.

    Tbh I would sooner be able to launch my games from one app. Steam is my main since back in the day it was the only one (EA aside). GoG was when I picked up Cyberpunk for 15quid in a sale and Epic was Tiny Tina's Wonderlands in a sale too.

    Epic isnt installed atm. I meant to for the Evil within games but forgot, cause im a sausage. As much as I want to continue my Cyberpunk run on 2.0, I dont want to thrash the 3060 in my girls spare machine (mine died).

  • I'm not a fan of the Epic launcher, but I have multiple launchers installed. When you're playing the game it doesn't matter that much which launcher started it.

  • i definitely use steam more! epic only ever gets used for games that are only on that launcher

  • I use both and more. 

    Steam and Games Planet (gamesplanet.com) I buy the games mostly, they have a little offset sales period but only very difference in price. 

    Epic and GOG (Good old Games) I use as what I would call secondary game providers. 

    What can I say, I like good deals Slight smile

  • I do use both, but I prefer steam, just as I find there are some issues with epic launcher and it has a few different bugs that appear 

  • The launcher doesn't matter to me, I enjoy collecting freebies and offers from a lot of launchers.

    I'm looking forward to sales right now and also to the new freebies this weekGrin

  • Always get the free epic game but I'm not going to pay for games on there. Steam just has better features and offerings. Epics attempt at market share grab (buying out studios/ paying for exclusivity) and their utter waste of their Fortnite money (they make billions of it) just shows their game plan was monopolisation at any cost.