Short campaign in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

According to the reviews, the campaign in the new Call of Duty is very short. Does that matter to you guys, or do you only buy it for multi-player?

I personally spend a lot of time in multi-player, so for me it is worth it even without a campaign, but I still like to play through a decent campaign. And with the increased prices, it does leave a bad taste in the mouth.

  • I mean... personally if I buy a game its for the whole experience. So a lame campaign and focusing on online instead is a bit cheap. Since Activision loooove microtransactions too, kinda sucks if they have made the main game itself shorter.

  • I do think for what we pay for the game the campaign should be definitely longer.
    MW games are known for having short single player campaigns but 3 hours is far too short.

  • Indeed, a next to non-existent story mode should equate to the game being far cheaper or free since they have micro-transactions in it anyway for players to effectively pay to win with upgrades to their kit.

    I know games like MW rely a lot on the multiplayer aspect but for people starting out in the games, the story mode isn't just about the lore or learning a bit of history it's about learning the combat and tactics necessary to not get annihilated straight away every time they join an online battle and left feeling out of pocket with a very bad experience. 3 hours doesn't cut it, there are free indie games on Steam with more content than that.

  • I always enjoyed playing the COD campaigns in down time or whenever nobody is there to play with. The campaigns have been quite good, but I really don't like the style of the new one, why have they made it like a war zone load out rather than just the old style where you die and go again 

  • Its a ongoing Trend to minimise the campaign in favour of the money-maker Multiplayer content. Its very disappointing with MW3 the direction they've taken. I used to really enjoy the campaigns. It also helped familiarise with the controls and response before the real matches. 

  • I play the campaign to see if they have come up with some new options or changed something from the last version. Most of the campaigns do not have a lot of replay ability other then playing the sides in the game / conflict. After that I think people want more challenge by playing against other people rather then a not so good AI. 

    So I go for the whole package, but understand why so many people love the multi-player part over the campaign. 

  • Actually it does. The campaign is the only thing I care about and such a short one won't justify to buy the game for such a price.

  • I have not played active cod since 2009 mw 2. I fell off when they started with wall jumping and stuff. I heard they try to make mw 3 feel like mw 2 back in the days. The movement and the gun feeling. How is that? I guess ppl are finished with the short campaign Joy And moved to multiplayer 

  • I don't even play COD games anymore. First off, campaign quality is nil, while they focus on multi player. However, that multi player is laden with cheaters, so what's the point? There's no way I'd buy a game to play against cheaters. I can play free to play games for that (not that I do).