What's the next big release before Christmas?

So whats the next big releases before Christmas, don't want to miss out on some quality Christmas Gaming time! I missed Return to Moria release date but going to hold out a bit to play that

  • I think the biggest releases are already out. 
    The only I remember that might be considered big is Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

  • Don't there's anything exciting coming this year. All the greats have already been released! CB77 update, Spiderman 2, etc

  • If you're a fan of Avatar is really something to consider and keep I'm mind.

    As someone who saw the two film I'm thrilled to see how is going to be the gameGrin

  • Was the second movie any good? I somehow liked the first one, but it was more or less only because of the 3D effects, I can't even recall anything of the storyline.

  • For me the new STALKER game if it actually surfaces. One game I was looking forward too has already been terminated, it was a new BTCC SIM game. The developers breached the terms of their contract with TOCA which is the British Touring Car Championship rights holder without the nonsense Liberty Media bring to F1. TOCA have been in control of BTCC for decades and are all about the racing rather than making it into a media circus.

  • I also play Nintendo switch, so I’m excited for Batman Arkham trilogy. 
    for pc maybe warhammer 40k rogue trader if you in to that universe 

  • Not that many. These are the ones that I know of:
    - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    - Jagged Alliance 3

    - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

  • Didnt STALKER get delayed again?

    I mean I'd sooner it take longer and launch as a finished product that runs nicely. I've also been waiting on this one, the originals are fun, but definitely showing their age even with mods.

  • It may well have done and I'd rather they released it next year rather than rush it too

  • The RoboCop rogue city needs some bug fixes but I would definitely give it a go. There's been some heavy hitting games released these past couple months. Thats a lot to compete against.