Steam Deck OLED

It's been recently announced and the reviews have started showing up!
From what I've seen it's looks like a good upgrade. They improved mostly everything. And kept the same price.

I honestly wasn't expecting this release but think Valve did an amazing job with it.

Does anyone owns the original Steam Deck? Anyone planning on getting this one?

  • Valve did a stellar job indeed. It's a minor upgrade but they addressed most of the complaints that users had.
    And they managed to keep the same price.

    Never had the original. And won't probably have this one. I would want something more powerful to play some more demanding games and the SteamDeck isn't there yet.

    So I'll just wait for the SteamDeck 2, if they ever build one :D

  • I'm with you on this, yes it's a nice refresh on the original but it's still lacking on power and way behind the grunt of the Ally and Legion Go which are it's competitors. Arguably the Go is what Steam should have come up with in the first place. So yes it costs a fair chunk more but to me it's well worth it over the Steam Deck OLED

  • The OLED option should've been made available at launch but I suspect they only decided to go with it once Ally and Legion Go became available on the market. The price points pretty good also. Enhanced playtime and battery life are value adds. 

  • Great overall, they polished the product quite nicely. As others have said though, it needed a little more power. I tend to use my laptop more than anything and as cool as these devices are, the better ones cost a lot of money.

    Id sooner just use my laptop.

  • It lack in power but it’s the steam OS that makes me interested. Windows 11 on ally and go looks clumsy. 

  • I checked the full list of changes on the official page:

    (scroll down and click view whole list on the right)

    It seems like a car that got a whole makeover while keeping the engine the same (to be fair it's faster ram and a bit more efficient CPU but it should perform more or less the same, they used the efficiency improvement on battery life rather than performance).

    I still don't need a handheld console but it looks better overall. To be honest it always felt like it should have been released with an OLED screen to begin with, that felt missing to me when even cheap phones have 90/120hz oled screens.

  • Exactly! The Go is what the Steam should have been.
    Hopefully the next generation of handhelds will be far better than we currently have. 

  • That's the main reason I haven't got one. The lack of power. Steam OS is amazing when compared to the others. It just needs more power and it will be an unbeatable machine

  • An OLED screen is a big improvement over the previous generation Grin, I'm glad that the price is going to be in line with his predecessor with the inclusion of other hardware upgrades 

  • They overhauled the entire thing and improved many parts, which is very impressive. Few companies go through that effort. This s why Valve is a great company.

    I'm not in the market for handhelds, but if I was, I would go for the Steam Deck.