What do you think of the optimization on pc lately?


  • It would be nice to put in a bit more effort with the thread.

    That said, I think that developers are struggling now with stagnating price/performance improvements in hardware and new game engines that are not very optimized and poorly understood. 

  •  fully agree, I have been passing a few times on this tread because of that.

    The market has been willing to pay the price and that is changing, so game developers and hardware developers have to step up. I find it an insult how little how little advancement there is the the 14th series CPU and the lower end of 4000 series GPU- Also game developers are to a very large extent reusing old code, so it looks more like mod then a new game. 

    I hope we will see some changes or people will take a break from buying those products. 

  • Atm I’m considering going over to console next time I need to buy new hardware. Life cycle of console is around 8 years? I think my 3080 wil hold until next gen console in 5 years 

  • I think the same.

  • Optimization in terms of what? Yeah, I don't think this is that helpful of a discussion, but I'm going to make the same assumption that  did and guess that you mean optimization for games to run on lower-end hardware.

    I'd just say it kinda sucks for people with lower-end machines. You used to be able to buy 'budget gaming computers'. That's still true to an extent, but those PCs either aren't very budget (if you want it to actually run games well) or can't even handle the newest games (if you go for the super budget route). Plus, this may be based more on feelings than fact, but it seems to me that hardware these days very quickly becomes obsolete. I used to game on my old family computer (a Dell gaming tower) for a good six to eight years before the thing finally became a relic, whereas my newer PCs, though they are laptops, have only lasted about three before their GPUs become really outdated. So... that's my two cents on optimization.

  • I also feel this. And as you said might be just feelings but my old PCs wouldn't become obsolete as quickly as nowadays.

  • The longest I've had a card that could realistically play some new games is about 6 years for my Radeon HD 5870, and of course with settings at low, etc, eventually 1GB VRAM killed that card for good. Right now I'm using a 3060 ti and I don't dare to run anything released in 2023 on it, I realize it's not the same tier of product but I paid about the same for both cards (granted about a decade later), I don't really care about tiers, just prices, if I wanted the same tier I'd have to pay 4-5x as much for a 4090 as I did for a 5870, which is completely bonkers.

    So yeah, pc gaming overall has become less budget friendly and more prone to planned obsolescence, sure there is inflation everywhere but this market is way worse than most, mostly driven by lack of competition unfortunately.

  • Part of the issue is that price/performance of chip production is stagnating. Intel/Nvidia/AMD have always benefited from better chip production, allowing them to pass that onto customers.

    It's very uncertain how things will go, now that the chip producers have to switch to new technologies to keep making progress. If we're lucky, this will allow them to get big gains again for relatively low cost. If we are unlucky, things will get even worse.

  • Many of my friends have moved from PC to console and just use a PC at their work if they really needed to use one. With an 3080 I would skip the 4000 series and see if 5000 series is any better, so going console might be a great idea. Personally I am just not a fan of gaming on console, more a mouse and keyboard guy. 

  • I really hope the 5000 series GPU will look better then the meek increase we got with the 4000 series. Until them I will be evaluating any hardware perches under an extremely critical light.